Network Security Attacks

Top 10 Common Network Security Attacks

Now that most of our methods and activities are available automatically and for use on the Internet, we need to be as careful as children to go across the street whenever we see a suspicious stranger. This precaution is even more important when looking at the level of statistics, claiming that about one third of…


How Can I Fix ‘Email Error Messages?

Email Errors or ‘pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6 server error’ is also known as the biggest problem for all of us. Whether we are a boss or an employee, sending an email is not a simple task to do. This also happens when we are using our computers. The email address that we type into our email software is…


StradVision Teaming With Leading German Automotive Technologies

Vision processing software firm will advance augmented reality for OEM; partner with supplier on Surround View Monitoring and Auto-Valet features SEOUL, KOREA, April 2021 ― StradVision, a pioneer in AI-based vision processing technology for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems, has announced two new partnerships to expand its global reach. StradVision is partnering with a leading…

AWS Certification

Which AWS Certification Is the Most In-Demand?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the world’s most broadly adopted and comprehensive cloud platform. It provides over 175 fully-featured services from data centers globally. Many start-ups, customers, enterprises, and leading government agencies are using AWS Certification have lower costs, innovate faster, and become more agile to achieve business goals. AWS contains features like bolstered…