4 Electronics You Should Leave at Home When Traveling for Business

You’re heading out on the road for a few days, and this business trip has you up in the air about more than your flight. 

What should you pack? What should you leave behind? Should you check a bag or load up your car with luggage? Do you really want to deal with packing and unpacking stuff you’ll never touch while you’re gone? Do you need the laptop you know you’ll have to pull out at security?

If this sounds like we’re reading your mind right now, don’t worry. We’re not. You’re just repeating the same thing millions of us do before a work trip.

The heavyweight champions of unnecessary packing are the electronic devices you think you need. In reality, you’re not going to use many of these gadgets, and even if you did, you could have gotten around the task another way. 

Before you load up your suitcase with these (heavy weighted) devices, see if they fall on this list of electronics better left behind.

1. Your Printer

Sure, there are various portable printers on the market today. These are ideal for anyone in professions like photography or document creation, where printing is an essential part of the service.

But if you’re heading out to attend an event, visit a client, or do your non-print-essential job, you don’t need a printer. 

Chances are, the hotel you’re staying at will have a corporate business office area where you can use their printing equipment if you run into something you absolutely must have printed while you’re on your trip.

2. A Converter/Adapter

Unless you’re headed overseas, there’s no reason to bring an adapter on your travels. These gadgets allow you to use local outlets to plug in your standard electronics when they don’t match the plugs on your device.

For instance, Europe and Egypt use 220-volt outlets, but North America uses 110 volts. Modern electronic devices come with multi-voltage options, so check your laptop, phone, or camera before you invest in an adapter. 

Verify that the country you’re heading to uses the plug you need, too. These are commonly A, B, C, and F, but you’ll occasionally see an I or G.

If you still need one, take a minute and email the hotel to see if they provide complimentary converters. You’ll save yourself the hassle of remembering to pack it and the expense of investing in one you may never use again.

3. Your Bluetooth Speakers

Is music your go-to, can’t-live-without stress reliever? If so, you’re debating on throwing your Bluetooth speakers into your luggage or skipping them. 

If space is limited, we suggest leaving them behind, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or shared area. Your playlist is customized to your tastes, and it’s incredible. We totally agree. But the people around you might not think so. If you’re blasting your music through your speakers, you could be stuck dealing with a noise ordinance complaint.

4. Your Presentation Equipment

Putting on a presentation for your colleagues and peers is a high-pressure gig. You’ve already spent hours putting your slides together, finding the perfect fonts, colors, images, and text to make your point. Now, it’s time to head out and share your work with your audience.

Cue: The “what-if” worries, one of the biggest ones being, “What if the room doesn’t have the technology I need?”

Well, you’ll probably want to bring your laptop just because it will be easier to have everything you need in one place. As for the rest of the presentation equipment, any standard conference center will have a basic audio/visual system. 

Before you take a chance on bringing (and damaging) your projector and other equipment, do yourself a favor and contact the hotel’s conference center department. They’ll let you know what their equipment includes. 

If you need something special, ask. It may be available for free or at an additional charge, which will still be cheaper than replacing your device if it gets broken during your trip.

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In today’s society, technology is everything, and we don’t feel complete without our electronic devices. Packing your phone, lightweight laptops, and their respective chargers are a must for every business trip. Beyond that, think twice about bringing your tech gadgets, and leave these four items behind.

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