5 Popular Destiny 2 Boost

Are you perhaps looking for the best-boosting services for Destiny 2? Well then, you will get information on some of the most popular Destiny 2 boosting services offered by LF Carry. 

If you are skeptical about these Destiny 2 carry services, stay connected, and your interest might grow. Boosting services offered mentioned here are loved by your fellow Destiny 2 players. Hence, I have produced a list of the top boosting packages that will help you upgrade your Destiny 2 gameplay. 

Now, Destiny 2 is not a casual game where you can learn the skills in one go and level up your rankings. Instead, it is a full-action MMO genre that keeps evolving in a single world. That is why it is plausible for you to face specific difficulties in the game. Destiny 2 boosting services are a blessing in such situations. It can uplift your Destiny 2 gaming life to a whole new level. 

The booster package that you choose will help you overcome that difficulty. Booster for such carry services are not just gaming tools, but it consists of pro players of the game. Depending on your choice, you can participate in the boosting match or just let the booster carry on your game instead. Because Destiny 2 is an exhausting game, you can let the booster take over your raids and other quests without stress. However, a critical thing that needs your attention is selecting the best-suited Destiny 2 carry service that will ondoubtedly provide positive results. 

That is to say, without further ado, let’s move on to the top Destiny 2 carry services (Destiny 2 Boost) right ahead. 

  1. Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher

It seems that the community of Destiny 2 loves this Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket because of its immense firepower and stunning look. Getting the Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Carry is an excellent option if you are tired of similar missions. The pro players will boost your game with this exotic weapon and earn some XP and other resources. The booster will do all the work to get you the exotic weapon in about a 5-hour duration limit. This Carry is available at a minimum of $46 but can vary as per your other options. 

  1. Thorn Artifice Armor Set – Echo

As a gamer, you know how crucial is a solid armor piece. This Destiny 2 Carry service will help you obtain the Thorn Artifice Armor Set. Not only that, but by the end of the 1-week duration, Grasp of the Avarice Dungeon will also be surpassed by the pro players. Depending on your character’s type, the Artifice Armor that needs to be acquired varies. As such, 

  • Titan – Descending Echo Artifice Armor
  • Hunter – Twisting Echo Artifice Armor
  • Warlock – Corrupting Echo Artifice Armor

Whichever armor piece you acquire, you will get an extra mod slot. So, what you benefit from this booster are mastering the Grasp of Avarice, an entire Armor piece, additional gears, and experience. This Carry service is available at an introductory price of $180, can vary as per your options or other requirements. 

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  1. 30th Anniversary Arsenal Bundle

This Destiny 2 Carry Service is enormous, like literally. You get the most out of this 30th Anniversary Arsenal Bundle ranging from numerous exotic weapons to mastering levels. The pro players of your choice, in a period of 1-week, will get you all as many legendary weapons of your choice. For $300 or more, you get weapons like the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket launcher, Matador 64 Shotgun, Hero of Ages Sword, Wastelander M5, 1000-Yard Stare Sniper Rifle, Exotic Sidearm, to name a few. You also get an additional option to obtain Catalysts and Masterwork. Do not forget the experience you will gain through this booster for your Artifact. 

  1. Eyasluna God Roll

Want to get your solid weapons to work at their full potential? This powerful Eyasluna God Roll booster will do your job in just one week. With this, you can unleash 2 of the most substantial potential of your selected four weapons. As the pro player (a veteran PvE Destiny player) is in the process of achieving this goal, you will get many other resources, including new weapons, glimmers, armor, etc. You also get a Masterwork option in this Carry Service. Do not worry about completing the Grasp of Avarice as the pro player will do it for you. This Destiny 2 booster is available at $216, more or less. 

  1. Trials of Osiris – Loot Shower Bundle

Surprising new game modes are exciting for the player, and so are the Trials of Osiris mode. Moreover, this booster is very customizable, and you get lots of boosts. This service includes a Pinnacle reward, the possibility of getting a unique ghost of Trials of Osiris, earning the weapon of the week, successive 7 Trials of Osiris Wins, and many more. This Carry Service is priced at $55 but is fully variable as per your power level, number of characters, and other selected options. 

Thus, these are the top Destiny 2 Carry Services loved by the community. Just bear in mind that the boosters listed above require you to have a Power Level of around 1300, more or less. If not, there are tons of other options ready for you. 

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