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6 Craft Storage Furniture For Your Organizing Needs At Home

Due to the pandemic, some people resort to many ways to cope with the “stay at home” lifestyle. Many have taken up cooking, gardening, and baking, while others tend to redesign their home and their work area. If you enjoy arts and crafts to organize your pile of stuff, fret not because we are here to help. Not only does it help them survive the boredom, but it can also be one of the therapeutic ways to handle these challenging times. 

Arts and crafts can be a fantastic way to help you be organized, from your clothing rack to your work desk at home. Many craft storage furniture is available online for your convenience to incorporate into your home, living room, or work area. All are made affordable with excellent quality that you will surely love. 

It is essential to maintain your workspace. It saves a considerable amount of space to your workspace or room to ensure that everything stays organized and neat. There are many varieties of craft storage furniture to choose from without the hassle of spending too much. Here are six craft storage pieces of furniture that you must have for your organizing needs.

6 Craft Storage Furniture That You Must Have

1. The HOMCOM 71″ Modern Freestanding Art Supply Cabinet

This cabinet is made by HOMCOM that is suitable for your kitchen and room area. It has overhead and lower cabinets with a slide-out drawer to keep all your materials neat and within reach. It has a sleek modern design incorporated with clean white surfaces and small silver handles to give off that minimalistic and elegant look. Its white coating creates a smooth look and texture that is easy to clean with a damp cloth to ensure sanitary purposes. 

This cabinet features multiple-door cupboards with a slide-out drawer for the storage of your edibles and silverware. It also has an open grey countertop shelf suitable to place your kitchenware like microwave, coffee maker, and shaker. This cabinet can be used in closets, bathrooms, and garages as it has a versatile style.

2. The Akro-Mils 44 Drawer Art Supply Organizer

If you are looking for storage furniture that has a lot of compartments, then this product is the one you’re looking for in an organizer. Save the hassle of folding or compressing your items to make them fit into the cabinet and get this product as it guarantees the neatness of your tools or items. 

It features a high-quality polystyrene plastic frame with 44 drawers for your storage needs. It is excellent for storing your clothes, school materials, and paper works or folders – even your children’s toys! The Akro-Mils 44 Drawer Art Supply Organizer can also be wall-mounted as it has keyhole slots molded at the back of the cabinet.

3. The South Shore Crea Counter-Heigh Craft Cabinet With Table

This craft table offers a unique look as it has two large storage modules, a spacious top, and wide storage suitable for organizing your items. You can also personalize this table to your needs as its shelves are adjustable. The craft table ensures its quality is made with non-toxic laminated particleboard materials from North America.

The South Shore Crea Counter-Heigh Craft Cabinet With Table is multi-purpose furniture that justifies the true purpose of craft storage. It can be customized to your suit and needs, from shelves to drawers to hold all your items and tools when not in use. 

4. The Honey-Can-Do Rolling Craft Table With Storage

This craft storage is ideal for people who tend to work or clean from one place to another. These mobile cabinets are straightforward to use and can be stored away easily as they don’t take up too much space in the room. 

The Honey-Can-Do Rolling Craft Table With Storage is ideal for home and classroom storage as it features locking wheels that can be maneuvered. It also has semi-transparent large storage drawers that make it easy to view the items and tools. 

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5. The Marbasse Wooden Desk Organizer Storage Cabinet For Art Supplies

This minimalistic, craft storage is ideal for your desktops and workspace. Its wooden design can provide a fresh look to your “work at home” setup. 

The Marbasse Wooden Desk Organizer Storage Cabinet For Art Supplies has a set of 12 wooden compartments with one large drawer perfect for holding your items like markers, pencils, ball pens, and even your phone. It is made of eco-friendly wooden board materials that are sturdy enough to hold all your belongings and also have them organized.

6. The Sauder Sewing and Craft Cart

This craft cart is made by Sauder that features an elegant and sophisticated design to craft storage. The cabinet has a roll-open door behind it and has two storage bins for your storage needs. It is easy to clean as it has a melamine top surface that is heat, scratch, and water-resistant. 

Sauder is known for making luxurious wooden furniture. If you are looking for that elegant and classy craft storage to store your essential belongings, then this product is the best choice for you. 

These craft storage furniture do not only come with beautiful designs but it is made with high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your items and tools. These are just six of the many storage materials available in the market. 


The pandemic has forced us to transition from our normal busy lives to a stay indoors lifestyle. Almost all the things we encounter are now online, and it takes a lot of getting used to. The good thing about this is that you can explore new hobbies in the comfort of your home. 

There is no doubt that arts and crafts are some of the best activities to do with family, especially during this pandemic. Storables.com has a lot of craft storage furniture that you should have to help you be more organized with your items at home or in your workspace. Visit their website now and browse through the various collections they have.

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