8 Ways to Say I Love You the Emoji Way

Today in the digital age, there are lots of ways you can express your love for someone. Whether you are miles apart or you are just doing the grocery nearby, you can still connect. You can chat with each other where the Internet can transmit your message in just a few seconds. However, it depends on your service provider, of course. You can also do video calls! 

Even if you are in a hurry, you can tell your partner how much you care about them with just a single character— an emoji! Conveying your messages is now fun and creative with emojis. From the love you emoji to heart icons, here are some emojis that you can use to say “I love you” to the people you care about.

1. I Love You Gesture Emoji

If you want to be hip and chill about it, you can send an I love you hand gesture emoji. You can send this to your special someone or even to your family and friends. The I love you emoji shows a hand signal that says “I love you” in the American Sign Language or ASL. It displays a human hand with raised index finger and pinky fingers. This emoji also almost looks like a rock-and-roll hand signal emoji.

The best thing about using emojis is that you can mix them up. To make your message extra sweeter and expressive, you can also mix it up with other emojis.

2. Red Heart

Even the iconic sign of love, which you will see a lot during Valentine’s Day, has its emoji. The red heart emoji is also available for you to use!

The red heart emoji must be one of the most popular signs of love, if not the most popular. As the term implies, this emoji features a red heart. We use this sign to express our love, affection, or care for others. You can send your family and friends a red heart emoji, but this sign usually has a romantic meaning. The red heart emoji means passionate love, which you can send to your partner.

3. Two Hearts

If you want a cute emoji that also conveys a fun way of saying you care about them, the two hearts emoji will also do. This emoji shows two hearts: one in red and one in pink. These two hearts overlap each other, where the red heart appears bigger than the pink heart.

This emoji is also perfect for captions where you want to express your love. The reason is that the two hearts emoji symbolizes a couple’s love for each other. 

The two hearts emoji was introduced way back in 2010 as part of the Unicode 6.0.

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4. Heart Exclamation

Is your heart overflowing because of your love towards your significant other? Do you feel like you cannot get enough? If your answers are yes, then maybe the heart exclamation emoji is for you. For those who are loud and proud about their feelings, this emoji will be perfect for sending messages to loved ones or captions to pictures.

The heart exclamation emoji features a red exclamation point. However, a red heart replaces the usual vertical line. You can also use the heart exclamation emoji to agree on something that you love. This emoji is a romantic and loving way of communicating with someone you love.

Other platforms or operating systems call this emoji the heart with dot emoji, Exclamation point emoji, or the red dot emoji.

The heart exclamation emoji was introduced as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993. Eventually, it became part of Emoji 1.0.

5. Growing Heart

If you are familiar with the Powerpuff Girls intro, then you might have an idea as to how this emoji looks like. The growing heart emoji is another cute symbol. You playfully send to either your loved ones or the person you are dating.  It shows three pink hearts in different sizes, overlapping each other. These three pink hearts have different colors to give the illusion of a growing heart.

Like the two hearts emoji, this emoji was also introduced in 2010 as part of the Unicode 6.0.

6. Sparkling Heart

The sparkling heart is for those who want to showcase and express their feelings to their special someone. Aside from that, this emoji is quite cute to use in any other situation that you can!

The sparkling heart emoji shows a pink heart with yellow or white sparkles. This playful emoji shows your love and affection to your recipient. Its glimmering appearance shows that you cannot get enough of your loved one!

The sparkling heart emoji is also part of the Unicode 6.0 and was introduced in 2010.

7. Heart with Arrow

Do you think that Cupit shot you with the way you are smitten with your loved one? If yes, then the heart with arrow emoji is just the perfect emoji to convey your affection! Much like the popular symbols, the heart with an arrow features a pink heart with a blue arrow piercing it.

The heart with arrow emoji tells that you fell for someone. This emoji is also part of the Unicode 6.0, which was introduced in 2010.

8. Revolving Hearts

This emoji is another charming way to convey your love. It shows two hearts interlinked by curved lines as if the hearts are revolving around. These hearts can either be red or pink, depending on the operating system or the platform. You can send this in a romantic way where you express your love towards a special someone. You can also send this to a friend and convey your platonic love.


Saying “I love you” today in the digital age has become more fun and exciting. You can get creative about how you can say it by mixing and matching these emojis! With these, you can have more than hundreds of ways to say that you love your significant other or family and friends. If you want more ideas about the fun emojis you can use, check out!

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