8 Ways to Use Product Labels to Turn Your Traffic into Sales

Get started with product labels!

Much the same as some other marketing tactic, product labels are the best when applied with a strategy. So consider what your sales technique is, the items you need to promote, and who your clients are.

Your product labels should not simply catch attention but also resonate with what customers are searching for, to increase your sales.

The best part about product labels is that you do not generally require any design skills to apply them. All you require is a Shopify conversion rate like Mode Magic.

Different ways to use product labels how to convert traffic into sales

1. Highlight bestsellers

When a few products are selling better than others, you can add a product label that highlights these as ‘bestsellers’. This success mark enables your customers to distinguish custom product labels that have been purchased and cherished by others. And in this way, you can quickly draw their attention to these products that they are more likely to purchase! Mode Magic offers Shopify product labels and badges that are proven how to convert traffic into sales.


2. Create urgency for fast-selling products

Do you have certain items that you are going to take off your (virtual) racks? Utilize a product label to tag and show your customers what is selling quickly. You can add a red-shaded product label that says “Selling out” or “Selling fast” so if a customer is even marginally keen on the item, he/she will make a faster decision to purchase it.

3. Highlight BOGO deals

When you are running a BOGO sale, you can make it simpler for customers to discover items falling under the BOGO deal by adding product labels. Such labels can help your customers immediately recognize which items come under the deal, so they don’t get confused and have a great browsing experience that’s more likely to turn to a sale for you.


4. Show discounted products

Who doesn’t love discounts? Customers online are looking for discounts and with product labels, you can grab your customers’ attention to discounted items, make them remain on your Shopify store for longer, and transform them into paying customers.


5. Remind customers about abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is a common issue for all e-commerce stores. While there are numerous approaches to effectively handle cart abandonment, product labels are an easy, quick, and efficient way to do it. With this, customers who abandoned their cart will see a label advising them that the item is still waiting to be checked out.


6. Tell customers about featured or popular items

Which products characterize your brand? Why not bring more regard for them with custom product labels? Your first-time store visitors typically land on your Shopify store without knowing what is extraordinary about your store. A product label allows you to present items that are popular or featured by your Shopify store. Thus, your customers are drawn to your chosen, popular items from the start rather than getting lost in a sea of all your products. Check out how to increase conversion rate Shopify.


7. Recommend products that the customer might want

Recommendations work to intelligently push customers to look at items that they would be most likely to purchase. Since product recommendations are customized, the customer is just shown products they are most likely to need or items they recently showed interest in.


8. Put a spotlight on limited editions

In the event that you are selling limited-edition products in your store, you will need customers to know about those items right away. By utilizing custom product labels, you can prominently feature these limited-edition products and get your store guests to navigate and look at your exclusive items.

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