Arena in World of Warcraft: PVP mode features and tips for beginners

The player versus player mode is one of the main pillars of the gameplay in World of Warcraft. Starting with the classic version, users could fight against each other while in combat locations. Despite the fact that the WoW is based on the confrontation between the two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, players on the one hand can still fight each other, throwing challenges.

To the current Shadowlands The PVP mode has been significantly reworked with more classes and specializations. Now players compete not in the open world, but in special arenas, where a victory is given a rating and you can get a reward. At the end of the season, the top 0.5% of PVP receive rare titles, transmogs and weapon enchants . For the title of “Gladiator” you can get a unique mount, which will become unavailable at the end of the season. To get all these rewards and show your superiority over other WoW, you can spend dozens of hours studying the game mechanics in the arena. But it is much easier to use third-party help, especially since this is not prohibited by the rules of the game.

Now you can raise your rating in the arena for in-game gold or real money by ordering boosting from a professional player. He can play with you in a group or take control of the character.option coachingwhen you, along with an experienced player, sit in a voice channel and he says what spells and actions need to be done depending on the situation.

PVP Season 3 in Shadowlands

In Update 9.2, the developers announced the third season PVP, where class items were returned to the characters. Now the heroes have become even stronger, having received unique bonuses for their specialization. You can get items in the raid, from the weekly chest or Zereth location the Mortis. Wearing four items from the bonus, the character receives the maximum WoW Arena Boosting, which acts on the battlefields.

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Over the entire history World of Warcraft, developers have added more than twenty unique arenas made in the theme of add-ons. In the next patch 9.2.5, Blizzard plans to add two more new maps dedicated to the spirit of Shadowlands.following arenas:

  • the Ring of Valor;
  • Ashamane’s Fall;
  • The Robodrome;
  • Nagrand Arena;
  • Black Rook hold arena.

Each map has its own features that allow players to gain a tactical advantage, whether it is a hill or a wall behind which to hide from the enemy. Most spells in WoW are aimed at the target, but if you go beyond the texture, the casting will pause. This is used by experienced players.

It is recommended to study other features PVP in the arena. The concept diminishing is essential when controlling enemy characters. In simple terms, this refers to the effectiveness of spells cast on the same target. If you keep stunning the same player for several seconds, each subsequent effect will be weaker than the previous one. And at some point the character will become completely immune to these spells, but only for a few seconds.

All these features will allow you to better understand PVP World of  Warcraft, which will bring you closer to getting a high rating and valuable rewards as soon as possible. But if you don’t have time or don’t want to understand the complex mechanics of the game, just order boosting from professional arenaswho have been playing World of  Warcraft and get high ranks in a short time.

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