Benefits of Auto Dialer Software for Telecom Service Business and Top Five Auto Dialers

That auto dialers increase call rate and improve efficiency is undisputed. As part of call center software or as a stand-alone application, the auto dialer software maximizes employee productivity besides delivering other benefits. What are the benefits and which auto dialer software should you choose?

Auto dialer benefits in telecom services
Typical auto dialer software is part of outbound call center software purposed to access defined list from a CRM and initiate call just as the employee is near to terminating an existing call. Smart auto dialers detect whether a human or an answering machine picks up the phone and keeps the call ready if a human answers or delivers a recorded message to the answering machine. This way the agent saves time and effort of dialing.
• Better auto dialers go beyond this simple function. Intelligent dialers can be configured to assign a call to an agent who is free, thereby increasing call throughput instead of just the one list-one agent system that normal auto dialers follow. Dimensions Data 2017 Call Center Benchmarking report shows that auto dialers improve productivity by 14%. As soon as a call connects to an existing customer the screen displays relevant data thereby improving quality of interaction.
• There are options in that you can let the dialer handle the task by linking it with an IVR. The IVR sends out calls and gives options to targets to talk to agents and this saves time and effort, leading to more conversions and better utilization of agent skills.
• Importantly, auto dialers can be configured to comply with local regulations pertaining to DNC and TCPA or similar.
• While the main function is outbound calls, the auto dialer delivers inbound call benefits too since it stores all data and links all such data together. For example, a target customer may respond by calling back in which case the dialer accesses records and connects the incoming call to an appropriately skilled agent conversant with the previous transaction.
That you must have auto dialer software is beyond question. The benefits are obvious, not just for call center operations but also for ecommerce and general business enterprises as well as banking and insurance. The question is which auto dialer software to choose?

The top auto dialer software
Phone Burner
Phone Burner integrates with CRM through open API which means you can use your existing CRM. Apart from dialing features, this nifty tool offers lead filtering and distribution, unlimited campaigns, email and testing and automation plus local caller IDs. It is worth a good look.

Chase Data
Small business owners will find the price and features of Chase Data a perfect fit for low volume operations but with enterprise grade outbound dialing and inbound call distribution. Pick from 3 categories such as small business model, professional and enterprise level solution at appropriate price point.

Call Hub
Call Hub is a pay-as-you-go solution offering unlimited agent accounts with local caller ID, live call monitoring and DNC. It verifies phone numbers and detects answering machine responses. You can integrate it with SalesForce.

Ring Central is one of the finest call center software that integrates auto dialer software. In use by over 400000 businesses, this software’s auto dialer feature lets you design custom campaigns, integrate data, comply with regulations and conduct campaigns with ease.

While not quite so well known as RingCentral, Hodusoft auto dialer software is one you should consider if you are looking for one. Feature for feature it matches every other and, besides, offers customization. You get predictive intelligent dialer rolled into the auto dialer and the auto dialer can be a standalone solution or integrated with call center software. You can use it as in-premise solution or adopt the pay as you go model. There is AI built into the auto dialer and Hodusoft’s engineers will integrate it with any existing CRM or offer integrated CRM. It has dynamic caller ID, robo caller, call scheduling and call monitoring as well as IVR integration. You can record calls too. Plus, you get advanced analytics and reporting.

Hodusoft’s auto dialer stands out and, when you pick a medium sized vendor you are assured of quality service, better upgrades and affordable pricing. It is highly recommended and gives top value for your dollar.

Auto dialer, however smart and intelligent, is a tool after all. It is up to you to make the best use of it and for this it is worth delving deeper into its features such as segregating numbers according to a variety of parameters and scheduling calls to different regions and targets. AI powered auto dialer such as the one from Hodusoft, helps you to derive more advantages while making it easier for your employees to handle campaigns. Pick the right one, configure it to the max to suit your campaign and use it all the time.

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