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Having a spare car key will surprisingly benefit you in some emergency situations. For example, being locked out of your car because your car key has been lost or stolen can leave you stranded and immobile, especially when you’re far away from home. If you have a spare car key on hand, you won’t be stuck without an option. This is why it’s always best to duplicate your car key at the best auto locksmith close to you. Any type of key can be duplicated; from the advanced transponder key to the basic car keys, the locksmith can take care of anything.

What You Should Know about Car Key Duplication

The first thing you should consider is where you want to cut the key. If you have an older car, that means you use a traditional car key with no technological advancements. These are the type of keys that you can easily cut because they don’t require programming.

Nowadays, there are car key maker machines that one can buy to cut their keys. You can decide to buy one to cut your key whenever you need one, but it’s advisable to visit an auto locksmith because if you cut the key wrong, you can spoil your car lock or ignition.

Car Key Maker
Car Key Maker

For transponder keys and remote key fobs, a vehicle locksmith is still the best choice because of the programming involved. When you want to duplicate a transponder key, the car key maker will have to take a blank transponder chip and program the data related to your car.

This way, only your main car key, and your spare key can start your car. If you have a spare transponder key, it’s best to keep it safe so that it won’t be stolen. A stolen transponder key defeats the purpose of having a transponder key in the first place – see Andrea Locksmith reviews.

Also, the cost of duplicating your key depends on the type of key, the locksmith you use, and the duplication process that is involved. If you are in Boston MA, you can easily get your key duplicated by a car key maker in the most cost-effective way. Getting a spare key is actually cheaper than you’d expect.

It’s always best to have a traditional spare key at hand even if you have a spare transponder key or a spare key fob. You can always keep the spare technological key safe at home while you carry the spare basic key wherever you go.

Car Key Replacement and Other Services

A locksmith isn’t only a car key maker when the original key is present. If you have misplaced your key and you don’t have a spare, the locksmith can replace your car key without the original copy. This is as long as you have all the documents needed so you can prove your ownership of the car. The best auto locksmith in Boston MA does not only provide car key services but also car lock and ignition services – follow us on Facebook.

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