Choose the Right Gift For Your Loved Ones – What Experts Say?

One more time, we’re in the mid of the gifting season. Have you ever sat in a room surrounded by gifts & wrapping paper, a pile of gifts, and wondered whether you’ll ever use any of them? In the festive season, the dilemma for many of us is what to gift. Just look at the gifting industry experts’ interview and overcome your difficulty selecting the right gift.

The motive of the interview

In this interview, Devina Gupta from Worklife India, BBC tries to solve the dilemma that we all face during the festive season. The interview revolves around a common question- how to choose the perfect gift? Furthermore, this question is answered by experts from India’s multi-billion dollar gifting industry.

Guests Intro

  • Pawan Gadia, CEO of Ferns N Petals, 
  • Shweta Gupta, a gift curator, 
  • Harshvardhan Khemani, founder of OyeHappy,  
  • Dominique Lopez, Co-founder of Oh Scrap, 
  • Bhavna Kanoria, founder of Scift.

Views of Gifting Industry Experts

The interview starts with Devina asking Pawan Gadia, CEO of Ferns N Petals, about the best gift he received till now. According to him, a Money plant was the best gift as it is sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy. Further, she discussed the utility of gifts with Shweta who is working as a gift curator. Shweta believes that people should always gift useful presents. Next, the interviewer asks Pawan Gadia about his secrets to choosing the right gift. He simply talked about five main filters or secrets that are the city, the date, time, price and the kind of gift that the recipient will like. The interviewer then asked Harshvardhan Khemani, the founder of OyeHappy, about the most popular gift items. He replied that their Butterfly gift card has gained the most popularity. 

Further, the interviewer asked Pawan Gadia from Ferns N Petals about their most purchased gift category and the impact of the pandemic on the gifting industry. According to him, the most purchased gifts were cakes, then flowers, personalised gifts and then plants and experiential gifting. Additionally, he also mentioned that due to the pandemic, the company saw around 55% growth in the past year, and digital gifting is working wonderfully for Ferns N Petals

Later, the interviewer brought in Dominique Lopez, co-founder of Oh Scrap to discuss environmentally conscious gifting. Dominique said that people are accepting the trend of environmentally-friendly gifts. Pawan Gadia and Harshvardhan Khemani added that even they are trying their hands on green gifting. The former is doing so with a range of plants and the latter with sustainable products. 

In the end, Devina, the interviewer, welcomes Bhavna Kanoria, founder of Scift and talked about social gifting. Bhavna Kanoria talked about the importance of the act of social gifting and how the youngsters are more inclined towards it. On social gifting, Pawan Gadia said that he believes that gifting is not materialistic, and on the other hand it is gratifying. Moreover, he wholeheartedly embraces the concept of social gifting, and the company is keen to pursue it. 


From the best gifts received to the importance of social gifting, the guests and the interviewer discussed it all. The whole discussion establishes that the main secret of choosing the right gifts depends on the utility, price, location, occasion and recipient. Furthermore, now you can easily pick gifts by keeping these filters in mind and become the best gifter ever!

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