Crypto Trading and the Apps That Cover It

There are all kinds of virtual currencies available today. And they’re getting more and more popular. That’s because they offer lots of benefits that fiat currencies don’t. For example, they make sure to keep users anonymous and in that way protect their personal and financial information. They’re also decentralized which means no third party has access to them

Moreover, you’ve got a pretty good profit potential which is what gets the attention of the public. So, it’s no wonder you’re looking to become a crypto trader. But if you’re looking to profit by trading crypto you’ll need to learn how to trade.

You can do this by yourself and start trading without any previous knowledge. This is learning by trial and error which can be pretty educational as the mistakes you make will put you on the right path. Alternatively, you can always go for one of the many trading simulator apps available.

These apps offer virtual markets and money as well as tutorials that teach you how to trade one crypto or several. They can focus on multiple aspects of trading or some of them. Either way, you’ll be learning the essentials properly. In that regard, here are some of these apps:

Bitcoin Profit

If you’re looking to get down to business then Bitcoin Profit is the game for you. It teaches buying and selling virtual currencies. It doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin, but it also offers Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. It gives you virtual dollars to trade with as well as a virtual market to trade in. Then again you can always go for a trading platform instead of opting to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. There are many such apps available and one of them is a platform with the same name as this simulator.

This is a platform that needs your input as a user so understanding how it functions is a must if you’re going to operate it. That’s why you’ll need to create an account and make a small deposit as you’ll need some money to trade with. But you’ll need to learn how the platform functions by learning about its settings and how to adjust them. With a Bitcoin Profit login you’ll get to the tutorials and a demo account will help you with that. Once you’re done with them it’s time for the live session. Then you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks the app has to offer.

Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

If you’re a complete beginner to crypto trading and you’re looking to learn all about it then Bitcoin Mining Calculator is the game for you. It focuses on Bitcoin only which is why it provides all kinds of information about the virtual currency. The simulator plays like a text adventure game and you’ll have to deal with various prompts as they pop up. Although it plays like a game it’s pretty educational and can help you master the essentials. The more you play it the better you’ll become and before you know it you’ll be a pro at trading.


This app is amazing because of 2 reasons. The first one is because this app doesn’t just cover popular cryptocurrencies but others that look to make a name for themselves. The second one is that it covers all the aspects of crypto trading making it an app that will turn you into a complete crypto trader.


When you’ve got the skills you can focus on other aspects of crypto trading. For example, you can pick a certain crypto from many of the popular ones and stick to it. Finding the right wallet and online exchange is also crucial to crypto trading. Keeping an eye out for the value is also an important aspect.

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