Different Ways to Use A QR Code Menu

You’ve probably gotten a little bored wi raving about contactless menus, but we can’t help it! They’re just that amazing!

If you thought QR code menus were limited to scanning and ordering À la carte, then you thought wrong. QR code menus are a vast domain within themselves, with so much potential yet to be unleashed.

You can upsell your food by presenting it in unique ways, thanks to the advanced features QR code menus offer. They’re simple, easy, and, best of all, keep your customers engaged throughout!

Here are a couple of different ways you can leverage your marketing strategy by incorporating QR code menus:

Marketing Customization

Effective marketing is the heart of any successful business. Digital menus allow you to customize different channels, such as the landing page – that represent your brand image.

If you’re tired of the same old printed menu cards, we’ve got you covered! With Instalacarte, you can design your digital menu any way you like! You can even add additional features such as an information page, customer feedback, options to change between different languages and a call for service option.

Showcasing Food Items

A popular adage among chefs is “you eat with your eyes first”. What this essentially means is that if the food doesn’t look appetizing, people will probably not order it.

QR code menus allow you to showcase your food using pictures and videos, which allows you to put your restaurant’s best foot forward. You can captivate customers with engaging and mesmerizing videos, which are bound to increase your sales!

Customer Feedback

Another way you can use a QR code menu is by featuring a feedback section which allows you to get an analytical view of how customers interact with your business.

It allows you to form your own questions, identify pain points, and gain valuable insight into your marketing strategies. Forming a connection with your customers and encouraging constructive criticism is a great way to boost your sales. You can even choose for the feedback to be emailed to you directly.

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On a similar note, QR code menus also allow you to chat with your guests, either in real-time or via automated bots. You can even give them the option to choose from predefined texts, for example, finding out the status of their order, whether they want to repeat order from their order history or call a nearby waiter.


Part of creating a fine dining experience for your guests is ensuring inclusivity. You can do this by incorporating a QR menu that allows for 140+ languages! Making sure your guests are catered to regardless of caste or ethnicity makes them feel at home and guarantees that they’ll be coming back again! 

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