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If you want to access ePunjabSchool, you must first know how to login to the official website. There you will be required to provide your username, password, and captcha code to register yourself as a member. To complete the registration process, you will be required to submit your date of birth and password. Once you have registered with the school, you can view the details of staff and grants. You can also access the reports of MDM (Market Demand Management).

initiative of the Punjab School Examination Board

The Punjab Government has started a project called ePunjabSchool to make education more transparent. The portal will contain data about all schools in the state, along with their official websites. The portal will also display daily reports on the number of students attending schools in Punjab, including age, caste and class wise details. With this new initiative, parents will also have access to the latest news on education and school related issues.

The web portal will help schools in the state streamline their operations. This system will handle various data related to the students, teachers, facilities and complaints. In addition, it will allow parents to make payments and manage school websites. However, the Punjab School Examination Board is working to expand its use of the portal to other parts of the state. For now, it is implemented in 6,250 government schools and is expected to reach 13,000 government primary schools.

enable parents

The ePunjabSchool portal will enable parents to search for schools based on their location. The map feature is useful in finding a school. You can also choose a school based on its address and find out how far away it is from your home. This makes it easier to get admission to a school. Once you have found a school that fits your needs, you can easily enroll your child into it.

It is open to teachers, students, and school authorities

To login to ePunjabSchool, you need to visit its official website. Click on the “Login” option to find the login page. Choose “School authorities” and click on “Administrator login” if you are the school’s administrator. After clicking on the ePunjabSchool login page, you will need to enter your username and password. Once you have provided your credentials, you can proceed to your profile.

If you want to use the ePunjabSchool login page, you will need to enter your username, password, and captcha code. Then, you will be directed to the form asking for your date of birth and your school’s phone number. Once you have provided the necessary information, you will be given the option to change your password, view your records, or request staff details.

Username & Password

After selecting the appropriate username and password, you can log in to ePunjabschool. This login is accessible to teachers, students, and school authorities. Teachers and school authorities can use this login to update information about their students. Teachers can also view information about their staff, including their profiles, identity cards, and updated information. This information is useful for preparing curriculums and assessments.

Final Words:

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