Goal-setting and attaining are terrific ways to stay motivated and going ahead in your life. With the help of goals, one can maintain concentration and progress and also be self-confident. However, it is not as simple as it seems. It requires unwavering focus and dedication. Muvin, India’s leading pocket money app for teens, offers some advice on the six steps that can aid your child’s financial life.

6 Steps To Set Your Kid’s Goals

Kids need to be goal-oriented because it provides them with a sense of purpose, something concrete to strive for. They may develop their self-confidence, independence, and tenacity by setting meaningful and realistic objectives.

  1. Ask your kids to write a wish list

Tell your teens that “dreams begin with objectives.” After that, spend time talking about their hopes and dreams. Next, give each family member a piece of paper and some coloured marking pens. Write or illustrate their aspirations of what they would like to “accomplish, have, or enhance” in turn. Reread the list with your kids, and assist them in only choosing the wishes they can realistically make come true.

  1. Discuss the purpose of the goal

Ask your teenage child why they chose their objective once they’ve made their selection. This is a fantastic method to keep them motivated and enthused while helping them to concentrate on the advantages of their aim. This is a useful technique to manage expectations and determine whether the objective is appropriate. They could have chosen an unattainable objective or one that won’t yield the results they were hoping for.

You might advise them to choose a more sensible objective or change their previous one. Remind your youngster that they haven’t failed since even grownups who don’t succeed in achieving their goals always learn something new—something that may be more valuable than the original aim.

  1. Consider potential roadblocks and devise strategies for getting around them

The fact that there are so many barriers between where you are now and where you want to end up is one of the issues with reaching objectives. When one encounters challenges on the path to their objectives, they either trip, fall and give up, or get back up and get stronger as a result. But it’s not difficult to stand up when one lists all the potential roadblocks to their objectives, they arm themselves with answers for issues before they arise. It greatly increases the likelihood that you will get beyond the difficulty and carry on.

There are various Mobile finance apps, from where you can get perfect help for guiding your children.

  1. Help Your Child Consider Success Steps

Your teen has to consider the stages to success after deciding on his resolve or goal. The likelihood that children will succeed increases as they get more adept at formulating goals and determining what must be done to succeed. These concepts teach kids how to organize the actions they must do to accomplish their objectives. Pick the ones that your youngster would find most effective. 

Some children must sketch or write down each step. This is something that other kids can think about. Adjust the stages based on your child’s aptitude and learning preferences.

  1. Divide the objective into smaller steps

It may be quite beneficial for youngsters to split their objectives into smaller steps, much like when adults make goals. If your child needs assistance or doesn’t understand how to break down objectives for themselves, you may have a conversation with them about it.

Goals may be divided into two categories: milestones and stages. It’s usually simpler to stay focused on a goal if you can see that you’re making progress, as was previously noted. Milestones may be a wonderful method to keep track of progress. If your child wants to save money for a new toy, you can decide to establish a halfway point milestone so they can gauge their progress.

  1. Implementation is the key 

It may seem ridiculous to even bring up this vital phase, but the truth is that planning is far simpler than carrying it through. The sooner parents  can assist their children in establishing a new routine or habit, the sooner they will experience their first success, such as finishing their first book of the year on time. Digital wallet is one such good option for starting out. Digital wallets for teenagers is one of the best options any parent can look out for.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re teaching your kids about money, you might want to first help them make a savings goal using the Muvin, mobile finance app before helping them set more challenging savings goals. This app is perfect for teaching your kids about money since it has fun, age-appropriate lessons.

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