Freelancer’s problems: how do you never lose a grip of what you’re doing and get paid regularly?

Yes, all of us who work for ourselves have faced this. It seems that you are working well, investing in your business, but the result is not as joyful as expected. Or things are going downhill sharply, and you are no longer as confident in the future as you were just a few days or weeks ago. What to do about it? Where to look for a job and which door to knock on in order to regain confidence in yourself and in what you are doing?

In fact, it is quite easy to overcome such a crisis. The main thing is to value yourself. Yes, it may sound too corny, but if you’ve already had a huge string of successfully completed orders, if you have regular customers who come back to you time after time, you’re fine. Freelancing never goes smoothly and smoothly, it’s always waves of ups and downs, and you need to be prepared for this. 

1) No matter how it sounds, it may be time to review your price list and raise prices. Yes, the audience and customers are a very strange thing, and sometimes, to arouse interest, you need to present yourself as a first-class specialist who does not take cheap orders. Yes, perhaps a little less customers will come than you might have expected, but those who will come will be people of your level, ready to pay for a quality product.

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2) Think about whether it’s time for you to go through some kind of training.Training is necessary if you don’t want stagnation in your life. Even if it seems to you that you are learning in the process and gaining experience, you always need a fresh stream of knowledge, communication with other specialists, trips somewhere, getting out of your comfort zone, if this is the wording that you would like to use. Let these be courses that will last only a couple of days — you will feel that the routine is not so overwhelming anymore, and that you are ready to move on. To set new boundaries and overcome them, to give your customers something fundamentally new.


3) Reorganize your social media. It may seem that everything is fine with you, but if the flow of customers has dried up, it’s time to do something new. It is quite possible that you lack a well-designed website where you will tell about yourself, or maybe you do not have enough links to communicate, or your bio site is too outdated. In any case, you need to review your social media profiles – either on your own or with the help of a specialist. And if there are problems, eliminate them by adding a few fresh touches to the overall picture. If you notice that you are not getting a lot of subscribers (and therefore possible customers) lately, you can buy real Instagram followers to fix the situation.

These three points are the pillars of all the rules that a freelancer should follow so that there are always more than enough customers. We would recommend paying special attention to social media, as this is your main channel of communication with your regular and potential customers, on whom your success depends. Of course, the opportunity to buy Instagram followers is not as important next to learning something new, but success consists of little things, right? Pay enough attention to each one of them.

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