How to build your dream PC?

Building your dream PC with all the right aesthetics and PC parts is probably something you’ve been thinking about for months if not years at this point, but you’re just lost in the process of it all. You don’t know how to start or go about it to really make your dream come to fruition. Does this describe your situation? If so, keep reading to find out more about the best practices to keep in mind when assembling your dream PC.

This article will look at 6 main points to keep in mind when looking to build your dream PC:

  1. Parts’ Compatibility
  2. Individual Goals
  3. Aesthetic
  4. Assembly
  5. Cable Management
  6. Have fun!

Parts’ Compatibility

First and foremost, you need to figure out which additional parts are compatible with the PC parts you either already have, or are looking at purchasing. For example, if you have a Ryzen 9 5900x processor, then it is important to note which motherboards are compatible with this particular processor and it’s connector port/s. Using a PC parts expert blog such as OvrClock, to learn about the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 5900x can be helpful as all parts covered in the article are both compatible with and optimized for the Ryzen 9 5900x. 

Buying the wrong parts and learning about a compatibility error can be avoided by doing the research ahead of time. Another great resource for picking the right parts and gaging compatibility is PC Part Picker where you can build your entire dream PC on its software and ensure everything is compatible before picking.

Individual Goals

With gaming PCs — as with everything in life — everyone has their own goals and vision, and so everyone’s dream PC is going to look a little different. For example, if you own an Intel Core i9-11900k processor, while some would prefer the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming motherboard for its aesthetic and gaming prowess, others may turn to the GIGABYTE Z590 UD AC for it’s slightly more affordable pricing.

Using a round-up guide such as this one for the best motherboard for i9 11900k can be helpful in finding this criterion amongst price, aesthetic, value, performance, colour, etc. is most important to you, and making an informed decision based on your personal selection criteria. This will ensure that your goals are being kept in mind throughout the entire PC build process.


Having the right aesthetic is super important — not only for Instagram and Pinterest photos, but — to make sure that the setup works for you and gets you in the right mindset to get to work at your rig. The aesthetic part is not just relevant to the actual PC, but also the keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, etc. This entire setup is important to making sure you’re in the right mindset at your desk, and to keep your ergonomics right to avoid back and neck pain. 

In addition, finding the right colour PC parts and even the right keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, etc. to match the vibe of the setup is integral to having a good all-round setup. Ensuring that the parts you’re looking for complement each other’s colour schemes, and if RGB controllable lighting is something you want, then ensuring all the parts you’ve chosen have that specific feature will be important moving into the future.


Once you have all the individual PC parts, you’re still going to need to assemble the PC. while it’s not rocket science, watching an experienced veteran do it or following a step-by-step guide can be quite helpful. If you want to avoid the troubles of ensuring that all your parts are compatible and that they’ll fit into your PC Case without any trouble, you may want to check out a done-for-you PC, or even consider buying a prebuilt PC. 

While you will still have to actually assemble the PC, you can rest assured everything will fit and work together, which is not necessarily true for all generic PC parts out there on the market. This is actually a bigger issue than many beginners may assume, as having incompatible parts leads to having parts which are useless and need to be replaced for parts which actually fit with your setup.

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Cable Management

Ensuring cables are neatly and diligently managed is another huge part of having the right PC build. Aside from just looking ugly and ruining your setup’s aesthetics, cables can also be a tripping hazard or just simply hamper a PC’s usability by being damaged over time and losing responsiveness — particularly true for keyboard and mouse cables.

In this way, using zip ties, mesh wire trays, and cable sleeves and grips can be useful in ensuring that your rig looks good and works for you.

Have Fun!

Building a new PC is probably something you will only undertake every few years, and if you pick the right parts every time, you may only need to do it a few times in your lifetime. If you truly want to get the most out of the process, just remember to always think about the fun you’re going to have with the new setup, and not worrying about the small intricacies of an extra few GBs of RAM, or a few hundred GBs in your HD/SSD. Just remember that the perfect PC looks different for everyone, and to enjoy the process — you’ll be grateful if you do!

Thanks for reading, and good luck putting together your ideal gaming PC build!

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