How To Create Scooter Sharing App

Scooter Sharing Market Insights

There are hardly any people who haven’t noticed the boom of interest in scooter usage. No weird since scooter sharing is a deliberate way to facilitate our day-to-day routine. Electric scooters have a great advantage over ordinary vehicles. They decongest traffic, offer a budget-friendly way of transportation and ease of operating. 

Escooter sharing has been a fast-growing trend in the USA that fastly penetrated the European market. Nowadays, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, and Berlin appear to be the hub of scooter sharing in Europe. 

More than 30 scooter sharing services have raised $3 billion within the period of 2016-2021. Undoubtedly, escooter sharing market is a competitive field where Bird, Lime, Lift, and Uber have already taken the leading position. 

Nevertheless, don’t be afraid of competition. We know how to develop a scooter sharing app that will hit the market.

Stages Of Scooter Sharing App Development

Here are some of the most common steps to take for sharing scooter platform development.

Deciding on Hardware

It all starts with the hardware. The correct hardware influences the revenue growth since the fewer issues customers face, the better experience they get, and the more likely they’re to return to your services. The basic hardware kit should consist of GPS, battery indicators, distance meter, and alarm. 


Consider minimalistic and user-friendly design ideas with a few interactive elements to catch users’ eye. Make sure, users have no issues with finding all the necessary tools and buttons to start a journey. For this purpose, we suggest using contrasting colors and accessible fonts.

Front-End Development

Behind every feature on the service, a front-end developer stands. The responsibility of front-end developers is to make sure your scooter sharing app doesn’t freeze or lag when reaches users.

Back-End Development

This is one of the most important steps. Backend developers play a vital role in scooter sharing app development and performance. They handle the business logic and make sure the frontend developer’s work is delivered according to the project’s requirements. Backend development also upskills user experience by checking the reliability and security of third-party payment services and GPS.


Before your scooter app reaches users, it should be tested carefully. Q$A testers will check your app for bugs and errors so your users won’t face them. Testing is an essential stage of app development as it determines the app can be downloaded, executed, and integrated by customers.

MVP Creation

Creating an MVP version is vital because it ensures your scooter sharing app connects successfully with hardware and runs smoothly on users’ devices.

Core Features Of Scooter Sharing App

There is a set of basic features needed to obtain operational efficiency and functionality. Let’s overview several of them.


Maps are used by customers to find scooters in the vicinity. We suggest integrating with Google Maps and MapKit framework to ensure successful map integration for iOS and Android devices.

Ride Statistics

The ability to track ride statistics and add favorite routes lets users monitor their travel statistics and even rely on data recorded. This step is essential in scooter app development as it lets incorporate better user efficiency. 

QR Scanner

Users will need this feature to unlock an escooter. Each escooter should be marked with a QR code that will unlock a device after users scan it. QR scanner also makes smart locking possible.

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In-App Payments

The development of a highly-operational scooter sharing app is impossible without hassle-free payment opportunities. This feature will allow users to pay directly via application without putting any effort. The most common and trustable payment gateways are Paypal and Stripe, Liqpay, and SecurePay. 

Top Technologies To Develop Scooter Sharing App

Let’s see what are the best technologies for scooter sharing app development.


The main reason to apply to Flutter development agency is the fast and powerful development process Flutter technology allows. Flutter is a cross-platform development technology. It accelerates the app building process allowing programmers to use one codebase for IOS and Android devices.

Node JS

Node JS stands out in building scalable applications reducing the time-to-market circle. Node js is a cross-platform Javascript runtime environment. Senior Node Js developers bring an excellent product to the market in the fastest terms without compromising quality.

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