How to Enhance Your Security and Performance With a Proxy Server?

Do you ever wonder why proxies matter?


Well, most internet surfers use them, but not many know why they’re essential.


Proxies are vital tools that come with a wide range of benefits (and some downsides). They can significantly boost online safety and performance, making browsing a more rewarding experience.


However, it is vital to have a deeper understanding of the benefits of proxies. This will help you decide whether proxies are worth investments. This post will discuss how you can enhance your online security and performance using a proxy server.


A proxy server will give you the following benefits.

1.Identity Protection

The cold hard truth is that anyone can track your online movements if you don’t stop them. Computers send IP addresses and location details to the websites that users click on. Anyone who can access this information can directly or indirectly identify an internet user and track them.


You risk losing your data and files to cybercriminals if this happens to you. This is one point where a proxy server may prove helpful. It will anonymize you by changing your location and IP address. This will then improve your online security as hackers won’t track you easily.

2.Minimization of the Attack Surface

It is unrealistic to try minimizing your attack surface to near zero. However, you can reduce it significantly by investing in a cheap proxy server. Some proxies have source codes that are smaller than those on applications. That makes them thinner and with smaller surfaces.


Thus, you can enhance your security using such a proxy. By having it mask your applications, you prevent access to your website’s end server. That means a hacker will only get to the surface of your security infrastructure without interacting with the end server security that’s also there to prevent their access.

3.Reduction of Services and Executables

Using a full-featured OS can expose you to various risks. It leaves many exploits that a hacker can use to threaten your security. However, you can minimize the services and executables that a hacker can find on your OS. You can do this using a minimal OS and a cheap proxy server.


The proxy will run on the OS and be its first defense line. That means a hacker will interact with the proxy server instead of getting to the OS directly. They won’t do much with an exploit that they may find on the proxy. It will boost the security of the full-featured OS in the background.

4.Protection From External Threats With Firewalls

External threats can lead to significant losses whenever they occur. One way to avert them is by having security systems like firewalls. These tools filter a network’s traffic and block malicious users from it. But then, you can invest in affordable proxies to boost the efficiency of firewalls.


Proxies are better at network monitoring and traffic filtering. Using them to host firewalls makes it easier to differentiate between legitimate and malicious traffic. It ensures that only legitimate traffic gets into your network, enhancing the safety of your systems.

5.Increase of Web Loading Speeds

Slowly loading websites can affect browsing experiences. That’s why search engines insist that websites load within 2 seconds to rank top. However, some websites still have large files that make them load slowly. But then, you can increase loading speeds using a cheap proxy server.


Proxies have web caching abilities that can help you do this. They store a copy of every website that you visit frequently. It won’t need to request the page fresh from the server the next time you click on the same URL. Instead, it displays the cached copy, saving you a lot of time and resources.

6. Safety While Scraping Websites

Website scraping is the best technique you can use to beat your competitors. You can use it to know what makes them unique and tweak your strategy to outdo theirs. However, this isn’t always straightforward since most websites have bots that flag and block web scrapers.


Buying a cheap shared proxy can help you get past such hurdles. It will alter your IP address every time you want to send a new request to a website. Bots won’t recognize that the requests are from the same device. This will significantly increase your web scraping performance.

7. Filtering Out of Malicious Websites

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If you’re not internet savvy, you may easily click on malicious websites. This is because not every new user knows how to identify a dangerous website. The easiest way to remain safe even with your little cybersecurity knowledge is by buying a cheap proxy server.


This tool scans a website link before it can open on your browser. It also checks the website to ensure it doesn’t contain links and attachments that could be dangerous. This makes your interactions with the internet safer than when accessing it without a proxy.

8. Easy Creation of Multiple Social Media Accounts

Having multiple social media accounts can increase your social reach. However, creating two or more accounts can be daunting. Some social platforms deploy bots that could block you from doing that if you are using the same device and IP address. Now, this is where a proxy server comes in.


A proxy server will hide your IP address and make you unrecognizable. That will make it easy to send multiple accounts creation requests without getting flagged. In the end, you’ll increase your online safety and boost the performance of your business.


A cheap proxy server is worth investing in as a business or individual. It provides better online safety, privacy, and performance for its users. It is the best solution to consider if you want to scrap a website, protect your identity, and minimize your attack surface.


But then, you also need to choose a good proxy server and vendor. Thus, it would be best to start by researching where to buy proxies before anything else. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the full benefits of a proxy if it is unreliable. This is why a reputable dealer is vital and top on the list.


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