How to Find Best Wholesale Saree Dealers Online?


saree is a tradition of India. Every Indian woman is obsessed with saree and the demand for the best quality with good designs of saree is increasing day by day.

There are so many options for saree that sometimes women get confused about where they should buy the best wholesale Saree online.

The wholesale saree dealers are one of the good sources to get best quality saree with new designs and colours.

wholesale saree dealers

Here are some of the best wholesale Saree dealers online from where you can get the type of saree that you want with good range:

  • Textileinfomedia:

It is one of the very famous online sites from where you can get wholesale sarees. From here we can get the information about all those suppliers who offer wholesale sarees in the greatest range. . You can get the contact information of the best of them by choosing the TIM portal and then you can have their contact details from their business profile as it includes their address, contact number and the material they sell. You will be in profit as you will get the best saree at the cheapest price.

Wholesale saree dealers online in Surat

  • Textile Megastore:

It is the leading manufacturer of  Printed and embroidery Sarees with additional work on the designer Sarees. They have so many varieties of collection which includes printed, designer, plain, silk, shiffon, and many more types of saree.

They definitely give the best ones at less price which makes it more popular and demanding.

Other sites of Surat are: Narayani sarees, Magical designers, anokha creation, nandika textiles and many more.


Wholesale saree dealers online in Bangalore:

  • KJS Inc:

They are manufacturer and the wholesaler of designer silk saree, cotton saree, Bhagalpuri Saree, designer Malgudi Sarees,. It has its main office in Bengaluru but you can get the wholesale saree online from their online site. 

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They offer these products at the best price with good fabrics and designs. You can get sarees from their online website. They have diverse options so you can choose the best for you.

Other sites of Bangalore are: Laxmi silks, Ariana clothings, Roja silks, Rishab silks, viralam textiles, etc.

wholesale saree dealers

Wholesale saree dealers in Kolkata:

  • Tulip exports:

It is very famous in Kolkata because of its saree collection. It has varieties of sarees from all over India. Any woman can get their type of saree from here with good quality and low price. 

Other online sites are: Mohini boutique, Shubhi Laxmi garments, Bobby exports, etc.

Wholesale saree dealers online in Kanpur:

  • Sanjhi creations: 

You can get the chikankari sarees wholesale from here as it is mainly for its varieties of saree from any part of India. The sarees here are of the best fabrics and trending designs with eye-catching appearance. You can buy sarees from their respective online sites at an affordable price.

Other sites are: Sanjhi creations, Kanha creations, Rajshri sarees and many more.

wholesale saree dealers

All the above given sites have the best quality of wholesale sarees.


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