How to Log in to PayManager?

If you are looking for a simple way to process your employees’ salaries, PayManager can help you do that. First, download the PayManager app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you will need to login to your account in order to process your salary and create payment files. Afterwards, you can process your employees’ payroll, view and download your employee’s pay history, and more. You can also generate PDF payments using the PayManager app.

Login options

There are several ways to login to PayManager. To get started, go to the PayManager portal. Open the PayManager application, and log in with your DDO username and password. After logging in, explore the options available to you. Select the Master option to view your employees. Next, click on the Employee Detail option to fill out the details of your employees. Once you’re done with the login process, you can view and manage your employees’ information.

If you’re an employee, you can use the staff login portal link to access the portal. The staff login portal link provides access to the payroll and salary slip, and even provides the option to download an income tax statement. You can then login using this link, and follow the steps outlined on the page. You’ll need to enter a new username and copy the PAYMANAGER URL. Once you’ve created your username and password, you’re ready to access PayManager.

Unique username assigned to every employee in the portal

When an employee wants to access the portal to change a password, they need to go to the official Paymanager website. After choosing a username, they need to enter their personal information. They should select a strong password and enter it in the text box. Once they have successfully completed this process, they will see a confirmation message. In case, they forgot their password, they can go to the official Paymanager website and select the option of resetting password. They can then choose another username.

When an employee registers in the PayManager portal, they will be assigned a unique username. The username they choose is linked to their employment records and cannot be changed. The government of Rajasthan restricts employee access to the portal to keep its records. Nonetheless, if an employee forgets their username, they can simply reactivate it by entering it in the login screen. Employees should ensure that they don’t share their usernames with anyone else.

Payment receipt preparation system

PayManager payment receipt preparation system is a common integrated platform, which enables all employees of the Rajasthan State government to prepare their payment bills. It includes facilities for preparing salary bills, DA arrear, bonuses, and leave encashment bills. The system requires the login details of the employee. It also provides advice on the dues of DAs. To use this system, an employee has to login to the website.

Login to the PayManager website using your employee ID and password. The system will then ask you for other data, such as employee details and bank account numbers. In addition, you can edit the details for recurring charges and download them as CSV files. The Virtual Terminal is a web application launched from the PayManager portal, and allows you to submit transactions using a web browser. Alternatively, you can also use a USB card swipe reader to process payment transactions. Then, print the receipts with a computer printer.

Employee status update

An incorrect employee status can cause weird complications, but there is an easy way to correct this. In addition to the Pay Manager login page, you can also access the Drawing and Disbursing Officer login page. Enter your user id and password to gain access to your dashboard. The employee status update page will allow you to see your information as it’s displayed on the SIPF portal. The employee status page is located at the bottom of the employee login form.

Once you’ve entered the employee’s information, you can go to the Employee tab. From the Employee section, click the bill name to search for related personnel. When you click on the personnel, the data for each related personnel will be displayed. For example, if you have a probationary employee, you can change their status to regular by editing their status. Using this feature will allow you to see if they are currently on probation.

Stop payment option

If you need to stop a payment on an account, you can do so by using the Stop payment option in Paymanager. The Stop Payment service will prevent payments from being processed unless the account holder has given the recipient authorization. Once you initiate a stop payment, the system will monitor the account and return the payment as soon as possible. If you are using a Cheque Reconciliation Services account, you must enter the account name of the recipient to halt the payment.

Final Words:

To use the Stop payment option in Paymanager, you need to first enter the reason for pausing the payment. If the reason is a loan, you can select that option. Otherwise, you can choose a suspension to pay a suspended staff. In the same way, you can add deductions to pay the employees. After you have added the discount, you can see the amount of each deduction. Once you’ve added the discount, you can then click the Add Deductions button to see all the deductions you’ve made.


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