How to Read Manga and other Japanese Literature?

Manga is Japanese literature, it’s also a digital text-based comic book format that is widely available online and in physical bookstores. It is often referred to as “manga”, which means “a book that is read in a group.” However, manga can also be read solo or in small groups. In this article, we will discuss the different ways that you can read manga and other Japanese literature. You may not immediately think of it as literature, but there are many similarities between reading manga and reading any form of literature. Both of these are ways to read a story that focuses on the main characters inside a story. Both of these are ways to read different points in time. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities between reading manga and other forms of literature.

What is Manga?

Manga books are graphic novels heavily influenced by Japanese culture and tradition. It is a style of writing and not a genre in literature. It has a variety of genres such as Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, History, Thriller, and more. When reading manga, you are reading a story that follows the conventions of traditional Japanese publishing, but with an added twist. In other words, most of the stories in manga depict the history of Japan. It also reflects real-life scenarios experienced by anyone. It inspires and creates awareness for readers.

What is Literature?

Literature is a broad subject, it is a hybrid of traditional elements and new mediums. It is a collection of written works such as poetry, novels, brochures and more. There are some other specialized forms of literature that are found in other forms of publishing as well, e.g. creative nonfiction, memoir, bloggers’ books, and contemporary novels. Anything written under this style is considered literature.

Differences between Manga and Other Literature

Manga is a thicker, more detailed version of traditional literature. While traditional works are mainly about human progress, the artistic styles in manga are often more mystical, spiritual, or even mystical-elementary. This type of reading is often more enjoyable for readers because the characters’ actions and language are more colorful and life-like.  There are also significant differences between reading traditional Japanese literature and reading Japanese language books, e.g. how each language’s writing system is handled. For example, in traditional Japanese, the order of events is important, and the order of characters’ names is critical. In other words, the order of events in manga is separate from the order of the text.

How to Read Manga and Other Japanese Literature

Besides the obvious ways of reading manga, there are also some ways that we recommend on how to finish reading manga: 

  • Read one vol at a time. While reading a single volume of manga, you can see how the story develops in your mind, and how the characters interact with one another. Read one volume at a time, and then switch to the next volume as your mind becomes accustomed to the changing world of manga.
  • Choose finished manga books. It is better to read manga that are already done to create a plan on how you should read it per day or week. It is a widely known fact that mangas only update once per week. If you will choose an ongoing manga, you would probably get bored or lose interest.
  • Read at different stages in life. As you get older, you will start to develop an appreciation for the storytelling in manga, as well as for the characters and the setting. You will also start to notice the difference in the way that other languages sound, and you will begin to associate various words and sentences in different languages with different concepts, moods, or messages.
  • Read manga reviews. You are probably aware that there are now over thousands of manga available to different platforms and bookstores. Choosing the right manga is a major element on reading manga. You need to choose a manga that coincide with your interests. Reading reviews would give you a great help on deciding which is better.
  • Read in different locations. Reading in different places will help you to get a clear understanding of the culture, history, and language of that location. In other words, you will acquire a broader perspective on the world around you, and allow you to see things in a different light. 
  • Read for pleasure. Some people like reading because they like to relax after a hard day, or they like to read a story that they would like to see on paper. Others will want to read because they want to learn more about an author they like, or they want to learn about a theme they are interested in. 
  • Read with others. Some people like to read with others in groups, so that they can exchange information, learn new words, and create new friendships.  You are what you read. Remember that reading is a creative process, and that the characters and the plot in your mind are the same thing as the characters and the plot in a traditional novel. Always try to look at your reading as if it were a work of modern art.

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Reading a book is not just a way to learn more about literature, it is also a way to learn by making new friends and having fun learning with different authors. Reading can be a solitary activity, or you can read with others in a group. Reading is a great way to spend your leisure time

Reading Manga is different from reading other forms of literature. Manga are Japanese Comics which means they contain pictures and texts. It is a great way to improve comprehension and develop creativeness. You can read manga in different forms such as books bought at the bookstore, books borrowed from the library, it can also be read on online manga sites such as Mangago, Mangakakalot, Mangafreak, Reading Manga and Mangaowl. Manga are suitable for both kids and adults. Anyone from anywhere can read manga due to the different mediums where you can read manga now.

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