Limited Edition Sneakers – How You Can Get It

Bots and Proxies

Online sneaker draws are rapidly growing in popularity for fans of exclusive release sneakers all across the world. The system of who can secure their pair first can be exciting, and for the most part, it works as intended. However, these draws aren’t a level playing field for everyone. 


The most consistent winners use multiple accounts through two methods; either they make the accounts themselves and manage manually, or they use bots. While this may seem unfair, it doesn’t change the fact that it works. Plus, it’s completely legal.


Want to join those using this method to get the hottest pairs? It’s not as complicated as it might sound. The first step is choosing which method to use. Bots are, of course, automated. This makes it so that most of the work is done for you. However, you have to be careful when choosing a bot. 


Some services offer suspicious software or outright overcharge for their bot programs. Either case can prove troublesome and will present another obstacle to keep you from getting those sneakers. Those who want to keep the control in their own hands can try multiple accounts using proxies.

Sneaker Proxies

What is a sneaker proxy? A proxy is essentially an independent internet protocol (IP) address that you connect to before logging in to a service or website. The site will see the proxy’s IP rather than your own. A sneaker proxy is fine-tuned for websites that deal in sneaker draws and similar practices. Unlike bots, you still manage each individual account and precisely control their actions on these websites. 


This means you don’t have to worry about any automated accounts getting confused, making wrong actions, entering the wrong draws, etc. Every account is still yours. The proxy merely makes it so that each account seems like a different person entering the draw on the website. Services like offer packages specifically designed for sneakerheads that will give you every tool you need to up your sneaker copping game.

Why Do I Need a Sneaker Proxy?

If you are making all these individual accounts, what is the point of a proxy? How will the website know all of these accounts belong to you? Simple: by the IP address. Your IP is how websites track when you visit them. Your geographical location and device both have one that can be used to see that the accounts all belong to you. 


With a proxy, you are given unique IPs from various locations to log in from. When you connect to this proxy, suddenly, any websites you visit don’t see your IP anymore. They see the proxy and assume a completely different user is logging into their account for the draw. Thus, your accounts won’t be at risk of being banned by the website.

Sneaker Popularity

Some draws are more cutthroat than others. Like with any market, multiple factors can cause this. The brand, the style, and the quantity released are all significant factors. Another major one is whether it is a limited-time release or not. A sneaker that will only be on the market for a handful of days or even less time than that is going to stir up conversation. 


Even sneaker fans who weren’t aware of these sneakers might show some interest in them once they learn that they’re available for a limited time. This, in turn, raises their value substantially.

Resale Value

While any good-quality sneaker may have a good resale value, the most outstanding catches will be those that aren’t sold anymore. Sneakers that were only publicly available for a brief moment are the white whale of the sneaker copping game. Some pairs skyrocket in value once it becomes known that there are very few ways to obtain them. 


Collectors will pay top dollar for rare sneakers that are bought from these online draws. The fewer that were sold, the better. A pair that one of your accounts managed to snag can go from being worth a few hundred dollars to a few thousand as soon as they’re no longer on the market.




While it may seem unfair to some, taking advantage of multiple accounts is how you get your head in the game with these online draws. It exponentially increases your odds of success and can turn you into a real competitor. If you’re serious about your sneaker game, you should consider your options and think about what you’ll do the next time the perfect pair drops.


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