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Mircari is an e-commerce platform. Founded in 2013, it has offices in the United States and Japan. Its main product is its Mercari marketplace app. The company launched the app in Japan in July 2013 and has since expanded to other countries. You can sell products through Mercari without having to worry about shipping or inventory.

Legitimate E-Commerce Marketplace

While Mircari is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet, the fact is that most online marketplaces have a fair share of bad actors. It’s important to read reviews and avoid buying from sellers you don’t know. Mercari asks sellers to verify their identity, and provides the verified information on their seller page. Sellers who perform well are also awarded profile badges.

Mercari offers a refund policy if a product is not as described. It is best to check product descriptions before making a purchase, because vague advertisements are often posted by dishonest sellers. While this doesn’t mean the seller is fraudulent, you should avoid buying anything that doesn’t have clear product attributes. Mercari also allows buyers to ask questions before placing an order, so that they can confirm availability of the item and the seller’s activity.

Seller Protections

Mercari has a great seller protection program, which will protect your sales and avoid scams. It will compensate you up to $200 if your item is lost or damaged in transit. This service will reimburse you within 24 hours. Additionally, you will be reimbursed for damaged returns, so you can rest assured that your purchases are safe in Mercari.

Mercari also allows you to ask questions and verify the legitimacy of a seller before you accept their offer. The service also offers the option to use the Merpay Smart Payments service, which lets you defer payment in case you come across a scam. Mercari also accepts PayPal, which has strong buyer protection policies.


If you’re selling an item on Mercari, you should be aware that Merari takes a commission from the sale. Their commission is ten percent on everything sold. As a seller, you don’t pay anything to list an item on Mercari; you only pay a commission when the item sells. You get paid when a buyer rates the transaction. A buyer has three days to rate a transaction, after which the site automatically rates the transaction as approved.

Seller Dashboard

The Mircari seller dashboard enables sellers to keep track of all their listings and sales. It shows the number of completed sales, the total number of items listed, and the total amount of money they have made. It also has a drop-down for filtering time periods. Other features include the number of click-throughs per day and the average profit per sale.

Mercari is a Japanese online marketplace that expanded to the US in 2013. It has been downloaded 50 million times in the US alone. Its speed and ease of use have earned it good reviews from users. It has a team of 200 employees and 20 million monthly active users. It has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. However, its biggest drawback is its customer support, which many users cite as lacking support. Mercari’s dispute resolution program also fails to resolve disputes promptly, which can cause buyers to choose another vendor.

Variety of Photos

Mercari allows sellers to include up to 12 photos in their listings, but they should be carefully chosen. Take a variety of photos of each item you sell, starting with a wide shot and then moving closer to highlight the details. Try to use natural light and a neutral background. Use a photo editing app to enhance photos, but avoid using overly-detailed filters.

Mircari provides prompts when listing items, and much of the information is auto-populated based on the photos you upload. In addition, you can use the free text box to describe the item, so buyers know what to expect. Sellers can include up to 12 photos per listing, and are also allowed to include up to three hashtags.

Final Words:

Mircari has a processing fee of up to 2.9% of the total item price. You also pay a $2 fee if you want to use Instant Pay. You can view the full list of fees here. If you want to avoid payment processing fees, you can sell your items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for free.

Mercari has a competitive payment processing fee based on the item price. Mercari also offers a two-step cashout system for your earnings. First, you can deposit money through a bank account. A $2 fee is assessed if you deposit less than $10. Another $2 fee is charged if the bank rejects your deposit.

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