Pick wood flowers that could fool anyone

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted numerous businesses and supply networks. We’ve experienced shortages of the most unexpected products in the last year, from sanitizers to toilet paper and food items to computer chips. This is why now we are seeing a scarcity in the flower business also that might impact couples planning weddings in this year or next.


It is not uncommon for the supply of flowers to be subject to disruption due to the various processes and pathways of distribution involved. Because of the strain on the business from COVID, bad weather, and other reasons, there is a global demand for cut flowers that exceeds the supply, causing a scarcity. Fresh flower prices are rising due to the supply-demand imbalance, and couples planning weddings have fewer options. As we know, that need is the mother of all inventions. Similarly, this supply shortage of fresh-cut flowers has increased the need and importance of ever-blooming sola wood flowers.

Wooden flowers are rocking the floral wedding industry!

Sola wood flowers had established their reputation far before COVID-19, but now they are ruling the wedding flower industry because of their everlasting freshness, affordability, and countless benefits. Tips and tricks to make the sola wood blooms look real are also gaining popularity day by day. So, here are some guidelines to help you avoid making a faux-flower gaffe.

  • Do your research:

If you want to choose the best sola wood flowers that look real, you have to know the answers to the following questions:


  • How large is the stem in the real thing?
  • Is there any need for greenery around?
  • What’s a reasonable size and seasonal availability of that particular flower?
  • Is there a wide range of colors available?
  • Consider local options:

Always think that:


  • Can I get this flower in the local floral market?
  • Is it the right time of year to do this?


The most obvious sign that a flower is a fake is if it appears too good to be true. All of us like to have sunflowers or peonies on the table all year round, but that’s not possible given the calendar’s four seasons. So pick only those wooden flowers that are in season and available locally.

  • Flaws are good:

Wood flowers are handmade, and this is their biggest plus point to look real. Handmade wooden roses and other flowers appear real with all the flaws and customizations present in fresh cut flowers. These flaws of wooden flowers allow them to mimic real blooms so conveniently.

  • Go for natural colors:

Though it is easy to dye sola wood flowers in any real or fashionable color option, try to keep adopting every flower’s natural appearance. Using a subdued or monochromatic color scheme might also help to reduce suspicion. Though colored wood flowers are stunning, but avoid choosing multicolored wooden flowers as they may look artificial. Always prefer monochrome handmade wooden flowers that look so real and elegant.

  • Arrange like a natural or cut flower:

Gather the flowers and put them in a vase or other container. Use an opaque vase if the stems are out of place or don’t seem genuine. Use a transparent container. Add water “craft water” to the container as you would for fresh cut flowers. Open some more than others and use a variety of blooms of varying sizes.

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