SAFe or agile: What are the key differences to consider?

It is very much important for people to be clear about the basic differences between different kinds of courses so that they can end up choosing the perfect options without any kind of problem. It is very much advisable for people to have a good command of agile values and principles so that they can understand the basic differences very easily and can develop a clear understanding of things. SAFe agile certification is based upon having a good command over the entire thing and further, it is very much important for people to be clear about small differences between scrum and SAFe framework so that they can develop understanding very easily. 


Some of the basic differences between the SAFe and agile framework has been explained as follows:


  • In the case of the scrum, the deals will be very small and co-located along with cross-functional teams and all the other hand the cases of SAFe the deals will be big and multi-geography teams.
  • In the case of scrum everything will be perfectly adapted by the agile teams and in the cases of SAFe everything will be perfectly adapted by the enterprise is as a whole and not just a team.
  • In the case of the scrum, there will be middle management and will be playing a role and on the other hand, the cases of some programs and portfolio management will be two important components of the SAFe world.
  • The basic construct will be the scrum team and the basic construct in the case of SAFe will be the agile release train.
  • The scrum will miss out on several kinds of essential aspects and the other hand SAFe will be covering all the best possible features and aspects of the organisation so that management can be perfectly undertaken.


 Agile is considered to be the best possible method of product development that will help in breaking down the project into small segments which will be further completed by small cross-functional teams over a defined time. It will be based upon the right kind of supporting roles and a set of ceremonies to complete the delivery of the product very easily. There will be different kinds of roles like scrum team, scrum master and product owner.

 On the other hand, the SAFe concept stands for the scalable agile framework and is the best possible approach to dealing with the enterprise and not only a particular team. This will work very well for the bigger enterprises and bigger teams so that overall goals are easily achieved. The most vital components will be lean product development, system thinking and software development.


 Hence, in a much-summarised form, it is very much important for the people to be clear about SAFe VS agile so that they end up making the right decisions with their career. Agile is considered to be the mindset or a way of working and on the other hand, scrum is considered to be the framework that is based upon principles and values derived from the world of agile. Last but not least SAFe is known as a scaling framework that will help in implementing the scrum at the enterprise level in the whole process so that companies can perfectly focus on release planning and improvement at every step.

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