Sara Waisglass: What Nationality is Sara WAIS?

What nationality is Sara WAIS? is a common question on the internet. The actress, model, and social media influencer was born in Canada. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Her parents are both Christians. She has a sister named Carly. Her mother is Canadian and her father is Jewish. However, she hasn’t disclosed much about her family, including her ethnicity.

Earl Haig Secondary School

The Canadian-born actress was born on July 3, 1998, in Toronto. She is twenty-three years old, and is a native of Toronto, Ontario. Her family has a long history in the theater, and she attended Earl Haig Secondary School. The actress is currently pursuing a degree in screenwriting at York University. What is Sara Waisglass’s nationality?

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on July 3, 1998. Her parents, Jeff and Tess, are both teachers. She has an older sister named Carly Waisglass. Her first acting role came at age seven, when she was cast as a Jane on the TV show “The Jane Show.” She later went on to play the lead role in Degrassi: The Next Generation, and has since appeared in several movies, TV shows, and commercials.

What is Sara Waisglass’s Birthplace?

She was born in Toronto on July 3, 1998. She has a younger sister named Carly, and is a Cancerian. Her parents are not married, but her parents have a long history of marriage. She has been single since she was thirteen. Moreover, she is not in a relationship as of yet.

What is Sara’s nationality? It is unknown. Nonetheless, the actress is of Canadian descent. Her parents are of Jewish origin. She was raised in Toronto. Her family is from Canada. Her parents are Cancerians. Her mother’s name is Tess. Her father is of Italian descent. She has a younger sister, Carly. Her parents have two children.

Sensitive Nature

The actress is Canadian. Her nationality is Canadian. Her parents are Canadian. She was born on the third of July in 1998. She was a Cancerian. Her sign means that she has a sensitive nature. Her mother is also from the same country. She is of Italian and German descent. She is a Cancerian. She is of British and Irish ancestry.

What nationality is Sara WAIS? Jeremy Kellen? are both Canadians. Their relationship is very public. Her relationship with Jeremy Kellen is private. She has a net worth of $280k per year. She is married to Jeremy Kellen. She is a Cancerian. She is 23 years old as of 2022. She is not gay.

Canadian Actress

What nationality is Sara WAIS? – The Canadian actress was born on the third of July 1998. She is of Chinese descent and has never declared her ethnicity. She studied at York University. After graduating, she is currently studying screenwriting at the York Film and Television Institute. While studying, she is a student at the University of Toronto. Her parents are also the same race.

The actress is a Cancerian. She was born in Canada. Her parents are Canadians. Her mother is of Italian descent. Her father was an artist. Her mother is a writer. She is an American citizen. She is married to Jeremy Kellen. It is unknown if Sara Waisglass has a son. She is a proud American. She is also a Canadian.

The Jane Show

Originally from Toronto, Sara Waisglass has become famous in Canada. She is a teenager, and her mother is a teacher. She has a lot of fans. She was nominated for the Young Entertainer Awards for her role in “The Jane Show.” She is a Canadian citizen. What nationality is she? She is a Canadian and a New Yorker.


A Canadian. The actress was born in Toronto, Canada. She is Christian. She has an American citizenship. She was raised in Canada. She is a Canadian. She has an American passport. She has lived in the United States and Canada. She is a Christian. What is her nationality? You can find out by reading her Wikipedia page. It will tell you her ethnicity here.

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