Ten Clever Money-Saving Tips for 2021

Lockdown is lifting, and there’s a summer ahead of socially un-distanced hugs, so it’s tempting to start spending more than we have!

Here we’ll run through ten top money-saving ways to better watch your wallet in 2021.


  • Know Your Limits

We’ll start with the obvious. If you want to save money, you must know precisely what you have to spare.

Sit down with your bank statements, tot up your income and expenses, and you’ll have a clear idea of the budget available to play with or better yet use the budget calculator for your advantage.

Alternatively, use a money planning app, such as Plum

  • Plan Dinner Ahead

Next, let’s think about cutting back on the weekly shop.

  • Batch cook and freeze; choose easy options like chilli and cook two family meals for half the cost.
  • Pick up bargains when food is on offer, and freeze the extras.
  • Itemise the ingredients you need for each planned dinner, and buy only those items.

If you’re strict with yourself, you’ll instantly see your shopping bill drop.

  • Make a List of Needs and Wants

Do you need a takeout, or want one?

Try to make conscious decisions. 

Mindful money is about recognising when you’re acting on impulse, not need.

Want some bonus tips?

If you’re inspired by the financial freedom that a bit of smart planning affords and ten tips simply isn’t enough you can read another 40 of them here.

  • Never Shop Hungry

When we’re hungry, we buy emotionally.

It’s healthier for your waistline and wallet to go after lunch or order home delivery.

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  • Switch Brands for Bargains

There are tonnes of simple swaps, from toothpaste to canned food, cereals to milk. 

Opt for a supermarket-own brand, and you’ll carve a hole in your spending.

  • Have a Good Clear Out

Look at what you already have. We’re talking food tins, clothes, and toys hiding in the dusty back of the shed. 

Clearing out means avoiding buying things you already own and selling, donating, or upcycling items with life left in them.

  • Pack a Picnic

A sunny beach day or play date at the park doesn’t mean you need an extra £20 for ice-creams, sandwiches and drinks.

Pack yourself a tasty picnic with a few treats, and days out won’t be a financial burden.

  • Read Your Statements

UK spenders lost £574.2 million to fraud between 2003-2020, according to Statista.

Always read your credit card bills and bank statements, and query any unusual transactions, however tiny.

  • Count Up Your Bad Habits

If you’re curbing a bad habit, get a money jar and pop in a pound every time you resist. 

The savings add up quickly if you get all the family involved.

It’s a brilliant incentive and a visual cue, and you can buy something lovely with your extra savings.

  • Change Credit Card Providers

Finally, review your bank account and credit card charges.

A zero interest transfer for a year could save hundreds of pounds, or you could switch to a bank account with monthly cashback – it all adds up!


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