The Different Types of Gaming Chairs

There are four main categories of gaming chairs. And it is important that you know the different types so that you can choose the one that appeals most to your gaming needs. When most people think of gaming chairs, they picture the PC ones where they are slightly elevated and offer plenty of back support. And even though this is the most common type, there are others that are more ideal for various gaming experiences. Let’s dive straight into the different types of gaming chairs.

#1. PC Gaming Chairs

As mentioned above, this is the most common type. And just from what the name suggests, this type of chair is ideal for playing PC games. These chairs work best when you are playing a PC game that has been set up on a desk. The main benefit of a PC chair is that it can be used as both a gaming and an office chair. Provided you are using it on a desk, this chair will give you the comfort that you need.

Most PC gaming chairs are mobile. That is they have wheels that you can use to move around in. They also feature a swivel that allows you to move around freely and face various directions. Depending on the design, a PC gaming chair can offer armrest, back, and neck support. These features are very crucial as they prevent you from straining your body.

If you were wondering WHICH CHAIR IS BEST FOR GAMING? PC Gaming chairs are an overall excellent choice. Getting one that can recline offers you an added advantage.

#2. Console Gaming Chairs

For those who own consoles, this is the best gaming chair for you. Unlike a PC gaming chair which is designed to be used behind desks, console games are strictly designed for consoles. These are the second most popular types of gaming chairs. And are a favorite amongst pro-gamers because they are available in many sizes and shapes.

Compared to PC chairs, console gaming chairs don’t feature more ergonomics. These are mostly designed to support laid-back postures. And this is why you can’t use them on a desk. Consoles are played using control pads, so, you will enjoy playing with your body laid back on the seat. Some console gaming chairs come with USB charging ports and speakers installed inside them.

#3. Racer Simulator Seats

Advanced gamers will appreciate this seat design. Built specifically for racing games, these chairs resemble a driver’s cockpit. They feature steering wheels, gears, pedals, and other accessories that you can find in a car. Unlike all the gaming chairs in this list, Racer Simulator seats are the most expensive. This is because of the many features that they have. This type is divided into two. There are advanced versions and others designed for casual games. The latter is a bit more affordable.

#4. Bean Bag Chairs

These were created for casual gamers. A bean bag chair is not ideal if you plan on spending hours behind your console or PC. This is because these seats have no ergonomics and neither do they provide any type of support. They are large sacks that are packed with lots of foam and can conform to various shapes and styles. A bean bag supports various postures but not upright ones. Even though bean bags are more affordable, it is essential that you evaluate your gaming behavior and determine if a bean bag chair is perfect for you.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of gaming chairs, choosing one shouldn’t be so hard. You just need to weigh out which type will give you the best gaming experience.

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