Top 3 Real Robot Dogs of 2022

Robot dogs have become more popular than before. You will find quite a few robot dogs, such as Bittle robot dog, Aibo robot dog, and others.

If you check out the robot dog comparison on the web, you will find each robot dog has certain special features that make them unique.

With so many different robot dogs available, it can be difficult to pick the right one for yourself. This is why we are here to help you choose a realistic robot dog instead of just playing with a virtual robo dog like Kia Robo Dog in the metaverse.

Sony robot dog is not the only modern robot dog available on the market. There exist other better options too.

Here is the list of best realistic robot dogs that you can get right now:

  • Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

Price: $299

This is arguably the best programmable robot dog in the market. It is an affordable palm-sized high performance robot dog that is developed for STEM projects. Unlike other robot dogs, it is not just a toy. Rather, it can be used for teaching and learning.

Petoi Bittle robot dog is just like a real dog. It can play tricks, walk, and roll around. It packs high perf, which makes it more efficient than other robot dogs out there. You can teach it new skills and have fun. 


  • Has lifelike four-legged movement
  • Can control via an iOS or Android app
  • Can learn new skills and tricks
  • Can be used as a robotics kit for STEM learning
  • Potential to program AI behaviors with Arduino-compatible sensors capturing surrounding environment information
  • Run on the OpenCat framework that is open source.  Can potentially add new features by yourself with modifications to OpenCat
  • Can possibly plugin in another single board computer like Raspberry Pi to give it more computing power
  • Best Value for Money


  • Not the cheapest in the market
  • Suitable more for teens and adults
  • Sony Aibo Robot Dog

Price: $2899

Sony aibo robot dog is a great gadget that perfectly imitates a real dog. But there are some aspects of a real dog that it cannot replicate.  This robo dog from Sony can be an ideal pet for those who cannot afford to have a real dog. With this robot pet, you don’t have to worry about food, vet pills, or walks.


  • Has an image-recognition camera
  • Equipped with four microphones
  • Powered by Sony’s AI engine
  • Fluid limbs’ motion
  • Can control via an iOS or Android app


  • expensive, and need annual subscription to access full functionalities
  • Short battery life
  • Heavy and slow walking
  • Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

Price: $74,500

In the list of best robo dog comparison, Boston Dynamics robo dog is a strong contender. Compared to Petoi Bittle, the Boston Dynamics robot dog is much bigger. It is almost the size of a life-size dog.

Boston Dynamics robot dog is known as Spot. But unfortunately, it is not available as a pet. There are very few models available and they are sold to selected customers, primarily for industrial, military, patrol and police missions and uses. It is a unique robo dog that can handle human-free scheduled missions. Not just that, but it can also auto plan routes.


  • As big as a life-size dog
  • Can complete industrial missions
  • Can learn new behaviors
  • Can replan routes


  • Not suitable for home use as it’s too big and requires a lot of maintenance
  • Very expensive

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Other Non-real Robo Dogs

There is a category of robo dogs that are cheaper(under $100).   They are cheap for the following reasons:

  • Using wheels for movements instead of real leg-like movements, so they can’t really walk, run, jump like a real dog
  • Limited movement types due to their limited uses of motors that power their joints to simulate real movement.
  • Not programmable – you are limited to the features set in factory and cannot program any new customized behaviors or tricks

On the other hand, there are virtual robo dogs.  The most recent example is Kia Robo Dog that came on the scene with the All-Electric Kia EV6 superbowl commercial.  It looks very adorable and lively.  But you can only play with this virtual robo dog on an app and own an NFT version (digital copy).  You can’t physically touch and play with it.

So we don’t include these kinds of robo dogs in our guide because we focus on  comparing real quadruped robots.

Final Verdict on the Best Robot Dogs 2022

Out of all the robot dogs reviewed in the post, we recommend you to opt for Petoi Bittle robot dog because it is the best combination of features and price.

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