Volleyball Star Oikawa Discusses Desire to Be the Best Setter

Since he was a child, Oikawa has put more time into volleyball, focusing on his jump serve. In fact, he was already a skilled player at the time he attended Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Yet, he struggled to play against Ushijima when he was in junior high. This match sparked a rivalry with Ushijima.

Ordinary person

The film explores Oikawa’s insecuities about being an “ordinary” person. He has always felt inferior and feared being overtaken by goshiki, a girl with more talents than he is. Oikawa has overcome many of these insecurities and is now a renowned setter. But this does not make him give up on his goal of becoming a setter. He also acknowledges his fear of being “ordinary,” but says he’s still working on his strengths and weaknesses.

Oikawa has a fierce competitive spirit, which has brought him to the top of the prefecture, but it has also hampered his progress. His motto, “It takes hard work,” is the epitome of this mentality. He is unwavering and obsessive, but will fight to the end before giving up. It is clear he can overcome his insecurities if he works hard and is determined.

His desire to be the best setter

Oikawa’s ambition to be the best setter is admirable. His desire to be the best setter is evident in his dedication and zeal for the game. He has never played with a team before, but his teammates say he plays like he has been playing for years. In a recent interview with NHK, Oikawa discussed his ardent desire to be the best setter.

In middle school, Oikawa had a rival – Tobio Kageyama. Kageyama played volleyball at Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. He was a natural talent, but Oikawa was jealous of him. When Kageyama joined the team, Oikawa was jealous of his potential rival. He refused to teach him new skills, knowing that he could easily catch up to him.

His relationship with Kageyama

The relationship between Oikawa and Kageyama is complicated. Oikawa has always worked hard and regarded Kageyama as his older brother, so he has always been protective. While Kageyama tries to protect him, Oikawa is too protective and he lashes out at him. One day, Oikawa nearly hits an underclassman, but Iwaizumi intervenes before things get worse. Then, Kageyama goes off on a rage, leaving the entire gym cleared.

Oikawa was in second year when he first met Kageyama. He was the manager of the practice, so he had the power to decide who you should go out with. He would walk you home after practice and kiss you goodbye. He was also the manager of Kageyama’s practice, and he had a good relationship with him. They went on a lot of dates and ate milk bread on the roofs of the school. Kageyama was annoyed by his sister’s presence, but he continued.

His feelings for Hajime Iwaizumi

After three months of dating, Oikawa calls out Iwaizumi, who is still blushing and feeling hurt. Though their relationship was not secret around school, the two were still very shy around each other. It was difficult for Iwaizumi to look at him without blushing. In the end, Iwaizumi confesses that his feelings were hurt by Oikawa’s call.

In the beginning, Oikawa is not happy with his new cellmate. The two share a room in the E.R. where Hajime grows chili plants and participates in an eating contest. He’s not a good sleeper. He keeps a stupid bucket list, and he owns seven alien movie posters. He is also always stealing Iwaizumi’s sweatshirts and pierced eyes.

Final Words:

Despite the fact that they were far apart, Oikawa’s feelings for Haijima are undeniably strong. While Oikawa was a third year student, he spent some time in the cafeteria with Hajime. Iwaizumi had good looks, but was a shy and introverted guy. He’s a bit prickly, which doesn’t make things easy.


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