Crypto is not just for geeks. Crypto has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about money, commerce, and our economic system. Furthermore, it has the potential to offer benefits not just to the cryptocurrency world, but also to the broader economy. One of the biggest controversies in the cryptocurrency arena is that there is no way to prove that you own an asset like Bitcoin.

There is no certificate or even a digital key to proving your ownership. Theoretically speaking, it is possible that someone could copy your key and use your bitcoins. However, there are effective steps you can take to make it next to impossible for anyone to steal your assets. You’re probably familiar with Blockchain; that’s only one of many possible applications for cryptocurrencies.


ELONGATE is a powerful new cryptocurrency that can ‘elongate’ time by slowing downtime in exchange for Elongate tokens (ELP). Elongate is a new cryptocurrency designed by Republic World. It’s meant to be an alternative way for people in developing countries, who don’t have bank accounts or debit cards and are too young for traditional credit cards to receive crypto. Elongate crypto can be used to access the Republic World platform. The goal of Elongate is not actually about money; it’s about providing people with a tool that helps them make a change.

This will be accomplished by using private blockchains to link together the Elongate Network of sites, communities, and applications. This network will combine the best aspects of social media, forums, and content management systems on a decentralized, distributed ledger. The goal is to create an unbeatable platform for text- and video-based content development. For example, suppose a developer wants to create a video game. In that case, they will be able to use the network and its decentralized nature to develop their game without having to worry about copyrighting rapidly. Leaders of the new ‘gaming economy’ will decide which types of content should be permitted. They will also share in the revenue generated by selling in-game items or advertising. The result is that players and developers can both profit from their work.

ELONGATE hopes to provide a place where the internet can be used for what it should be for: to bring people together in a positive way, and to provide a really easy way for people of all ages, even those without bank accounts or bank accounts in developing countries, to get involved with crypto. Because of the slow-time feature that ELONGATE provides, people will be able to make small amounts of money slowly and steadily over time using cryptocurrency. This can really help someone in need of an earnings boost.

History Of Elongate

To briefly summarize the history of Elongate, it is important to understand that cryptocurrency has a rather unique origin. Originally, the idea came out of a desire to solve a problem that was affecting individuals across developing countries. The problem was that many individuals in these regions did not have access to any form of banking. The first version of the currency was designed for use in Africa. The plan then was to create a new wallet that would not require a bank account or debit card. The vision was to help people gain access to crypto using any old phone and the internet.

ELONGATE is based on the Ethereum platform, but it will be used more as a way to reward content creators than as an investment asset. In contrast, Ethereum is designed to provide applications with a way to make money. In contrast to its cryptocurrency brothers, Ethereum focuses on providing a network that can be used for application development and testing. It’s still early days for Elongate and its potential has not been fully realized yet. However, it definitely has the ability to make a big difference in the lives of many people around the world by helping them earn small amounts of money quickly.

How To Buy Elongate Cryptocurrency?

Elongate is available for purchase on the Republic World Exchange (RWE). Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button and then select your currency. You can also send or convert your Elongate tokens to other users via the QR code system. There are plans to introduce a mobile phone app that can make it easy to manage your Elongate crypto holdings. Moreover, the exchange will be offered for both Android and iOS devices.

ELONGATE does not compete with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other existing cryptocurrency. Instead, it provides another alternative for people who have been unable to participate in crypto because of their lack of funds or where they live, which may be a developing country without easy access to traditional banks and systems. Furthermore, Elongate doesn’t just focus on helping people earn money; it provides a platform for them to create new things as well.

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How it Works

The steps to access your Elongate crypto are as simple as making a purchase.

  1. Make a deposit – You can transfer funds into your Republic World Account via bank wire, international cash transfer, or Western Union.
  2. Activate Your Account – Once you have generated an account with Republic World, you will need to activate your wallet and make purchases by credit card, bank wire, or international cash transfer
  3. Wait – After your account is activated, you can use your Republic World Wallet to buy Elongate Tokens. The tokens will be available immediately when you buy via bank transfer, wire transfer, or Western Union. When you buy using a credit card, it can take up to 5 business days for your Elongate tokens to become available in your Republic World wallet.
  4. Withdraw – You can directly withdraw your Elongate Tokens from your RWE wallet to an Ethereum Wallet of your choice.

How To Store Elongate Cryptocurrency?

Elongate is currently developing as the cryptocurrency is being rolled out to both iOS and Android users. This stage of the process means that you need to be sure that your computer or phone can run the wallet software. The wallet has not yet been downloaded; instead, it’s currently being generated on your computer or mobile phone.

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