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An operating system plays a very important role in any computer. A computer can not work without an operating system. Operating systems are the set of programs given to the computer. Computers can do nothing without an operating system. Operating systems are as important for computers as the brain is important for humans. Windows is a graphical operating system in computers founded by Microsoft. On some computers, it is preloaded. A computer can not work without a window. All functions in the computer like music, access to the internet, email, games, pictures, and many more can not be done without a window. On November 10, 1983, the first version of Windows was released. The history of Windows began in 1981 when Microsoft began developing a program called Interface Manager. Windows 1.0 for Windows was released in November 1983 (after the Apple Lisa, before the Macintosh), but wasn’t released until November 1985. Windows 1.0 was supposed to compete with Apple’s operating system, but it was not very popular. Windows 1.0 is not a complete operating system. instead of MS-DOS extension. The Windows 1.0 shell is a program called MS-DOS Executive. Components include calculator, calendar, map file, clipboard preview, clock, control panel, notebook, drawing, countdown, terminal, and writing. Windows 1.0 does not allow overlapping windows. Instead, all windows are tiled. In other windows, only modal dialogs can be displayed. Microsoft Windows sells a Windows development library that comes with a C development environment that contains many Windows varieties. Well, different versions of the windows are as follows.

  • Window vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows me
  • Windows NT 
  • Windows Server 2016 
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition 

Windows 12

A question always comes to the mind of every person who doesn’t know whether Windows 12 launched to serve or not. So windows 12 has not come out yet. It is expected that it will be released in 2021 with a lot of modern features. If you want to use the latest version of Windows 12 there are numerous ways to use it. The first and simplest is to update from windows. It doesn’t matter whether via Windows Update or the Windows 12 ISO file. The other way is to install Windows 12. This will, of course, be an important consideration before deciding to install an updater, especially an operating system associated with the news of a major update. For those wondering what the Windows 12 update is and what’s new, here’s what’s new in Windows 12. Following are some new features of Windows 12.

New features of Windows 12

The most interesting part of an important update is what is new about the launched update. It is also rumored that the multi-million dollar operating system will bring many changes. If you are a regular Windows 12 user and are interested in the new features of Windows Update 12, read the overview below.

How to update Windows 12?

If you want to update Windows 12 then follow the complete procedure. 

  • Click the Start (Windows) button in the lower-left corner.
  • Go to the settings. 
  • Click on the Update and Security icon.
  • Select the Windows Update tab (round arrow) in the sidebar.
  • Select Check for Updates. If updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically.

Different features of windows 12

New features of Windows 12 are as follows. 

  • The Dark Mode File Executive 
  • Windows 12 Clipboard History feature
  • windows 12 iso Snip and Sketch
  • Send SMS from laptop
  • Enhanced Windows Security
  • HDR(high dynamic range) Support
  • Energy usage in task manager
  • Microsoft Edge Updates
  • windows 12 Search Preview

The dark mode file Executive 

In the last editions of Windows 12, the dark mod features of the Windows 12 theme encompass Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other standard Windows 12 apps. With the Windows 12 Update, Microsoft has addressed this gap by adding a dark mode feature to File Explorer. Dark Mode Existence in Windows This update will add dark mode capabilities to Windows. Other than that, for those who like to use dark mode and work at night, this is one of the good characteristics to enjoy a lot. You can edit and run the file using the context menu (right-click) with a dark background and light fonts.

Windows 12 Clipboard History feature

The next new feature in Windows Update 12 is adding history to the clipboard. When a copy or cut command is executed, the data is stored in the buffer memory. At this time, only the most recent data can be pasted when copying or cutting. The law no longer applies to the use of this clipboard history feature. The cache history feature allows you to view all data in text or file format that has been copied or cut. You can not only see it but also choose which one to paste it to. This allows you to copy the text individually and then paste them in any order. Not only that, you can embed data from one device to another as long as you have a device associated with your Microsoft account. The trick is very simple. Just press Windows V to open the clipboard history window and you will see a list of all your copied or cut snippets.

windows 12 iso Snip and Sketch

This function allows you to edit or clear the screenshot you just took. Actions that can be performed by cutting, marking, scratching, etc. You can also draw with crosses and bows. This feature is also very easy to use. Just press the Windows S Shift key to take a screenshot. Then click the image that appears in the floating window. Then you can edit and draw screenshots as you like.

Send SMS from laptop

The Windows update allows you to transmit and read SMS directly from your laptop. This edition of Windows 12 allows you to sync Windows 12 on your laptop with your Android smartphone. You can instantly examine the SMS on your Android smartphone and send a response to your laptop. Moreover, by viewing and sending SMS, you can also view photos on your smartphone. Therefore, whenever you take a new picture on your smartphone, you can view it directly on your laptop. However, to use this feature, you need to install the Microsoft Launcher or Your Phone Companion app on your Android smartphone. Then, sign in with the Microsoft account you use on your laptop.

Enhanced Windows security

Another change related to the Windows Update is the name change from Windows Defender to Windows Security. This standard Windows antivirus also adds some new security features. For example, ransom protection controls access to a folder, making it easier to control which applications have access to that folder. Of course, this will make it easier to protect your data from use cases and still allow some applications to access your data.

HDR(high dynamic range) Support

The next new feature is HDR support for laptops operating the latest version of Windows 12. This is very useful if you want to use a large screen monitor. 4K with HDR support. Windows Update now provides a configurable option to set HDR in Settings> Display> Windows HD Colors. This option shows the screen on which HDR support is available for everything: streaming video, games, apps, etc.

Energy usage in task manager

What’s new in the next Windows update is the accumulation of power consumption information to the Task Manager. Windows 12 adds not only power consumption, but also power consumption trends, making it easier to monitor power consumption in Windows 12. Both can be used to monitor applications that are using too little power. This is a great way to see a list of apps that are draining your laptop battery promptly.

Microsoft Edge Updates

The following new features are changes in Microsoft Edge. One of those changes is shadows that enhance the depth effect? All settings in Microsoft Edge are then grouped into categories, making it easy for users to find the settings they want. Apart from this, you can now also set up auto-play media to determine if the video will play automatically or not. When reading PDF files in Edge, you can now add notes and comments. It will be interesting if you want to add certain notes while reading the e-book. Then, when you open the Reading View, you will see the currently available learning tools with text options that allow you to customize their shape and color. Then there is Line Focus, which allows you to focus the text on one, three, or five lines, depending on your settings.

windows 12 Search Preview

What’s New in Windows 12 The next update is a rework of how Windows Search was added with preview. So, when you enter a specific keyword, a preview of the selected search results appears. For example, if you enter a song title, the full song title, file location, and other information will be displayed. Also, if you search for an app, you will see several actions available.

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