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04 Exercises to Improve Posture


A good posture is the literal backbone of your whole personality. A good posture conveys many different messages. But a lousy posture is more common than a good one. It does not mean that people intentionally ruin their posture but some people don’t know the difference between good and bad posture.

Orthopedic surgeons in Lahore when consulted say that a bad posture can cause several misalignments in the spine. Postural dysfunction is actually a thing. It occurs when the misaligned posture of the spine is not corrected and misguided positions that are not natural are extended over a period.

Poor posture can be a result of our poor habitat choices. Not sitting upright in a chair, hunching, standing with your shoulders droopy and bent, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, lack of strong core ability are only a few of the things that can ruin your posture.

Luckily posture can be improved over a period but this will not happen without effort from your side.

Fixing Bad Posture

Bad posture can be a reason for several health complications and can be ignored as the blaring symptom of such complications. Not only does a bad posture make you look unhealthy but also can make it hard for you to communicate with others.

To be honest, it looks very unattractive and can be demoralizing for some individuals. My mother always reminds us to sit straight and stand straight when she finds us slouching or slumping.

Good posture v/s Bad Posture

Posture isn’t necessarily bad, but it is a poor state of the spine, hence calling it poor posture.

Poor posture is indicated by slumping forward, slouching, a little bent knees, and an enhanced belly or pot belly
Good posture is indicated by a straight spine while standing and sitting, no slouching, your spine including your head in a straight line, a balanced posture.

Exercises to Improve Posture

Poor posture can be improved but it needs time and effort. A stiff neck, imbalance of muscles, and pain in the spine and back is an indication that our posture has gone horribly wrong. The core needs to be strengthened and the weak muscles need to be replenished while fixing the posture.

Here are a few exercises that can be done to improve posture:


1.Posture belt

This has been one of the upcoming rages that have proven their effectiveness. Certain posture belts can be worn at all times while some are worn specifically with exercises and yoga.

Each of the straps is placed over the upper back and the ends are held in the respective hands. The straps held are crossed over the back and the end of the straps are pulled and secured.


Plank is one the easiest and sometimes one of the hardest exercises to do. This involves engaging your muscular core to the maximum and is a great strengthening technique. In a plank position, the legs are kept straight and most of the weight is balanced on the arms.

The back is kept straight and not allowed to sink or loosen. Holding a plank can improve the posture greatly but only if done correctly.

3.Reverse Plank Bridge

Planks are done to stretch the muscles and to strengthen the core. Each plank position is responsible for activating its own set of specific muscles. The movement is as follows:

Arms are kept straight and shoulders pulled back
Shoulder blades in alignment and together
The spine is extended and the chest is pushed up


4.Arch up

These are 03 movements that require the flexion, abduction, and extension of shoulders, the shoulders and arms are rotated while the chin is tucked.

Flexion- shoulders, and arms move from the resting position and above the head in a straight line.
Abduction- arms are raised and extended towards the side while shoulder blades are kept together.
Extension- arms are moved behind towards the back and the muscles are stretched.


5.Wall angels

Many of us have heard and made wall angels. This can tell you about the state of your posture. A simple way to do this is to lean against the wall and lifting the arms. Hips and back should touch the wall. It is basically like creating snow angels while standing upright.





Follow these simple exercises to straighten your posture and to reduce several complications. This will also give you a boost of confidence and improve your overall look.

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