4 Essential Tools To Succeed In An Online Math Courses

Unlike other courses, ma8thematics is most likely the most versatile area of knowledge in any learning establishment. The subject also covers a wide range that crosses other subjects, with science as mathematics’ close relative, while areas like home economics apply it in real-life settings.

However, as widespread as mathematics is, few are lucky enough to catch up with it. Unlike some courses that only require understanding and memorization, technical courses like mathematics actively involve you in learning. 

Although, despite how much effort educational systems have given, students still find mathematics difficult. Numbers, figures, formulas—these elements tend to be reused throughout mathematics. Because of these, their understanding is bound to spiral down into confusion.

And what’s more, if you’re taking an online math course, approaching a teacher to ask for clarifications won’t be as straightforward. So, to compensate, you have to turn to the use of virtual tools instead. The good thing is various mathematical tools are available to help you succeed in your online math course.

However, with the internet under your fingertips, the sheer quantity of tools might overwhelm you. To help you, here are some of the best and most essential tools you’ll need for classes like the General Ed math course from Straighterline and other online learning platforms to be a breeze.

Online Calculator

Calculators are one of the most constant devices found throughout history. After all, not many tools have the honor of being utilized by mathematicians centuries ago until now. Admittedly, it underwent numerous changes to get to where it is. With new formulas being discovered, calculators need adjustments to accommodate these discoveries.

Regardless, their purpose remains the same: to aid people in calculating number problems. Because although the human brain is capable of running the numbers, calculating too many would only leave it aching and disoriented. Fortunately, calculators, particularly online ones, are perfectly convenient. 

Because they offer various ‘modes’ of calculations, all you need to do is switch to processing a specific subject area. So, if you’re stuck with a geometric problem, switch to ‘geometry,’ and you’re good from there. This way, you can avoid any room for errors.

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Virtual Graph Paper 

Considering how often students have to draw figures and shapes in geometry class, having plenty of graph paper comes in handy. Since your math course is online, it’s only fair to use a completely paperless ‘graph paper’ in return.

Sites and apps featuring virtual graph papers are growing in volume. Because some virtual graph paper sites allow multiple users to view your work online. Therefore, if you’re working in groups, everyone can discuss what they did to obtain their results—or even better, teach one another and correct their mistakes by showing how to do the right figure in real-time. 

Online Gaming Platform

In an online setting, there may be no clear distinction between school and your home anymore, making studying a challenging endeavor. With the internet right at your fingertips, it’s nearly impossible to steer away from distractions. But if you want to fight fire with fire, you need to find a way to use those distractions to your advantage.

Luckily, some programmers have experienced similar struggles as you, resulting in them creating online gaming platforms that apply what you’ve learned in a game. For instance, there is a game-based website featuring elements of a typical fantasy game, and solving math problems helps the player deal damage to the enemy. 

Unfortunately, this game mechanism is a slow-growing concept, especially for educational purposes. That’s why it only deals with math concepts for elementary and high school students. But considering how this can effectively apply what students have learned, hopefully, more gaming platforms might be designed with this in mind.

Simulation Sites

Some may find educational videos already enough to process everything they’ve learned. However, other students aren’t as quick to learn. So, to overcome this, many websites feature simulations containing math problems.

Unlike online games, simulation sites retain a more serious atmosphere due to their resemblance to exam questions. While this may sound dull, these are extremely helpful since most are similar to how exam questions are phrased.


Looking at lines of numbers and formulas for a long time already sounds like a nightmare; what more if you’re expected to understand them all. But be that as it may, you’re expected to have a firm grasp of different mathematical concepts if you ever want to pass a math course. Luckily, numerous virtual tools can help you solve one math formula at a time.

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