5 Creative Ways to Relieve Stress

Did you know that biological stress is a recent discovery as before the 1950s no one knew about stress, an endocrinologist “Hans Selye” identified it, his research led a way to study and find ways to cope with stress. Stress is a normal part of our modern life but the difference lies in how we deal with it.

Instead of sinking into the stress, you have to look at different creative ways to relieve it. Have you heard of modern forms of meditation? If you put your brain into the “focus mode” and turn your attention towards something creative then it will act as the best way to beat stress and anxiety. Following creative ways are scientifically proven anxiety and stress relievers. 

  • Painting

If you are looking for a way to release stress and anxiety along with other mental health issues then painting is the best treatment. Painting is considered the best way to find an emotional release because it allows the painter’s mind to relax and forget all the problems that are contributing to high-stress levels. 

Have you heard about paint by numbers? In which by mixing the right amount of right colors you discover a new design.  A painting project for adults is like an art activity and people like to do it as in it you are playing with different colors to create your designs. 

By using this therapeutic activity you can create beautiful decorations for your office or home. There are different paint kits for adults but acrylic paint is considered best to do a painting project for adults. 

You don’t have to be a skilled painter to do the painting. If you are new to painting then you can take Help from a fun show like Bob Ross or you can watch tutorials on the internet.  

  • Coloring

According to research coloring reduces the thoughts of a restless mind by inducing the same state as meditating. It becomes a reason for generating mindfulness and quietness which enables your mind to get some rest after a hectic day. 

It is not only for kids as a reduction in blood pressure and improvement in mood has been observed in adults while coloring. According to scientific research, coloring relaxes the fear center of the human brain (amygdala). People love to color as it requires modest focused attention outside of self-awareness, it relaxes the brain and provides pleasure. 


  • Writing

Writing is the easiest way to clear your mind, you will feel more positive by keeping a gratitude journal. By writing your feelings you keep track of your life which would help you to clear your mind. If you want to remember something then writing it down is the best way to remember it. 

By writing creatively you feel more productive and organized and distress and anxiety are also released from the mind. Even just writing a daily diary will reduce your stress and make you more creative. 

Have you heard about the term “journaling for mental health” ?. It is writing down one’s thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. People struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety like to keep a journal to control their emotions and improve their mental health

  1. Cooking 

It is psychologically proven that by cooking you release stress and anxiety by providing comfort and something to look forward to. It grabs much of your attention and keeps you focused and engaged all the time. and you’re also getting more benefits including getting applause from your family when you serve them a delicious food item and cooking at home would be a very budget-friendly technique to relieve stress.

If you are looking for a way to put all of your focus and attention creatively then grab your whisk and measuring cups and get to the baking. Did you know that earlier stress was spelled as desserts? and it may be more than a coincidence.

Your routine life is out of control right now but measuring ingredients and following recipes give you a sense of routine that can be satisfying. Cooking engages all senses as according to the psychologist it triggers a sense of touch, taste, and smell and then evaluates the result. 

Buy used cooking reduction in stress and depression has been observed in many people including those dealing with dementia and burn victims. People love to cook as it increases self-esteem and improves the mental well-being of a person fighting stress and anxiety.

  • Crafting

Crafting is the best outlet to pursue wellness for those people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Experts say that along with increased happiness and easing stress crafting protects the mind from being damaged by aging. 

Craft projects help the brain to send signals to the body that all is well. It has also been observed that crafting lowers blood pressure in many people. It has broad benefits such as a creativity class at cancer wellness food import building of guidance, community, and variety. 

Gayle Torres ATR-BC (a certified art therapist at cancer wellness) described follow benefits of crafting :

  • Development of a sense of accomplishment
  • Distraction from worries
  • Improvement in eye-hand coordination
  • Reduction in blood pressure and relaxation

Before starting a craft project, ensure that it must be achievable, you can start by taking a class or watching a tutorial on the internet. Crafting is a different thing for different people. You can try knitting, fabric art,  paper crafting, embroidery, scrapbooking, or sewing. 

It has been stated in research that knitting would help reduce anxiety and depression, slow down the onset of dementia, distract from chronic pain, and increase the overall sense of well-being. 


Stress is not a disease but sometimes it could be more difficult to deal with it. There are a lot of ways you can use it to relieve stress from your body. You must have to try some creative way where you will benefit more. 

The choice of activity depends on the personality of the person. Maybe you love to write or color to turn your all attention towards the paper. If you know how to paint then a painting project for adults like painting by numbers is the best way to get benefited. Cooking is a budget-friendly activity to deal with stress, people love to cook food when they are feeling down as delicious food can Improve your mood. 

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