A complete guide for tracking your CMA CGM container

CMA CGM owns and operates one of the largest and far-fledged fleets of containers in the shipping industry. Its refrigerated container line is over 4,00,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units). So, it is not unlikely that you book a CMA CGM container for your freight shipment. But how can you track your cargo in it? Yes, container tracking is a real thing in today’s shipping industry. You can get the whereabouts of your cargo anytime and anywhere you want if you use the right technology. CMA CGM container tracking is also a part of this service. Here is how you can make the most of it by following a few simple steps.


For container tracking services, you always get two options. The first option is following the website of the container line or company, which is CMA CGM, in our discussion. The second alternative you have is using the official website of a well-known shipping service provider. Some companies are popular in the shipping industry for providing end-to-end shipping solutions. You can check the website of the best of them! Here is the ultimate guide you need to follow for CMA CGM container tracking services.


You can avail of container tracking services using your smartphone or PC.

CMA CGM Container Tracking: Step-By-Step Guide

CMA CGM container tracking services are available on two different platforms. One is the home website of the company, and the other is a third-party website. This service is an extension of every company’s motto to strive for the best and most comprehensive facilities for their customers. You can choose any of the two available options as per your preference and convenience at the time.

Container Tracking On CMA CGM Website

CMA CGM website hosts container tracking services for their customers to maintain transparency of operations. Just follow these few simple steps to get your cargo’s exact location.


For CMA CGM container tracking, search for “” on your browser tab. The topmost link appearing on the screen is the official website.
Click on the link, and you will arrive at the homepage of this website. There, search for “My CMA CGM” on the ribbon of the homepage or the top panel. Click on that tab to check the list of services you can access as a CMA CGM customer.
In this list, you will see a “track my shipment” option displayed right under the quick access column. Click on that tab.
Once the page has refreshed to the tracking portal, you will see two or three boxes, and one of them has a drop-down arrow for options.
Here, you can select the type of CMA CGM container tracking you want to conduct. You have three options: Bill of Lading, Container type and booking details. Choose the one you prefer the most.
Enter the details required as per your selection. Click enter, and your search results will appear on the screen. You will see a small portion of the map that represents your cargo’s location in the sea.

Container Tracking On Cogoport’s Website

If the official website option seems a little complicated to you, visiting Cogoport is a better option. It is the official website of a leading name in the shipping industry. You can track all kinds of container details on it, including CMA CGM. Here is what you need to do.


Search Cogoport on your browser, and the official website of the firm will appear on your screen.
Select the “Products” column to find the container tracking tab on the list.
Click the tab and scroll down the page to find the “Get Started” tab on the page for CMA CGM container tracking. This tab will lead you to the tracking portal by Cogoport.
Log in with your company’s email address or what we know as the work email of every firm to get started.
Follow the instructions on the page and enter the required information related to your CMA CGM booking to make progress with the tracking process.
This process will yield reliable details of your cargo’s location in the shipping line. You just need to enter the accurate details.

Some Productive Tips For Efficient Container Tracking

Apart from following the given instructions, you need to be careful about a few things to make sure your CMA CGM container tracking process is productive.


Always check your internet connectivity and system backup while tracking your cargo. Sometimes, slow connections fail to capture the live feed and show the last updated feed instead.
Enter the correct bill number or reference number as asked on the portal.
Every tracking website does not demand the same information. So, read the instructions thoroughly before feeding in the details.


Container tracking services can do a lot for your export business if you use them correctly. Choose the best website and keep up with the follow-up process to be more thorough. You can carry out a stress-free freight shipment using these services.

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