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Best 5 Steroids That Are Safe For Women Bodybuilders

Steroids! We all thought they were for men since they want to shed fat and build muscles. Well, times are changing now, and women also want to bulk up. Finally, women are embracing their curves and muscles.

Everyone knows the masculine effects of steroids on women. Without a doubt, there is a lot of controversy as far as women using steroids are concerned. Women are often discouraged from using it.

Yet, many women use steroids for gaining muscles and strength. If you want to use steroids, you have to be diligent as not all the steroids are safe for women. To help you choose safe steroids, we have made a list of steroids that don’t have physiological or psychological damage.


Known as a female steroid, it is the first steroid that comes to mind. Many women athletes use Anavar for bodybuilding. That is because it is a mild and safest steroid in the world. This is a cutting steroid that will help you have lean mass. It will enable you to gain muscle whilst shedding fat. Anavar is perfect for women as it has mild effects of muscle building. The fat-burning effects are higher, enabling you to lose fat quickly.

Moreover, the steroid also helps in increasing endurance, enabling you to work out for long periods.

This oral steroid that has mild side effects such as:

Mood swings
Make you feel lethargic
Oily skin
High blood pressure
High cholesterol


One of the most used steroids for both men and women is Winstrol. This is a performance-enhancing steroid that is effective in stripping fat, fighting fatigue, boosting energy levels, and performance.

Women use this steroid for bulking and increasing strength. Also, it can help improve your speed, endurance, and agility. This will enable you to work out harder and for a longer period.

Some of the side effects of using Winstrol are:

Long-term usage might cause liver damage.
Hair loss
Skin problems
High blood pressure
High cholesterol


Though this is not really a steroid, it is often considered as a part of the steroid family. That is because it works just like a steroid. It is a stimulant that is perfect for cutting cycles and fat loss. Many athletes rely on it for getting rid of fat while maintaining lean muscle.

Clenbuterol is a safe steroid, but still has some side effects including:

Clammy palms


If you want to use steroids to gain weight, then Anadrol is the right choice. It is the best steroids for gaining muscle mass available in the market. A wonderful thing about this steroid is that it boosts endurance and body strength. The steroid will enable you to lose weight while building muscle. Also, it enhances the delivery of oxygen to your muscles.

Some of the mild side effects associated with include:

Mood swings


Another excellent injectable steroid that is safe for women is Nandrolone. It is not overly androgenic, keeping the risk of virilization minimal. The steroid has bulking properties that make it easy for women to gain muscles and improve strength.

Not only this, nandrolone is an excellent choice for increasing endurance. A great thing about this steroid is that it decreases stress on joints. Moreover, it boosts the healing rate and increases red blood cells count.

Side effects of this steroid include:

Liver problem
Increased libido

When it comes to buying authentic and quality steroids, UGFreak is the name to rely on. Finding quality steroids is a challenge that every user has to face. Since the number of fake steroid suppliers is increasing, it is becoming more complicated to buy the right steroids. UGFreak is a reliable supplier of a wide range of steroids from famous manufacturers and brands. You can get your favorite steroids delivered to your doorstep.

All in all, steroids for women are more disastrous than men. That is why you must be extremely cautious when buying steroids. These steroids are safe for women with just mild side effects. It is better to always consult a professional before using steroids. Keep in mind you must always have a post cycle therapy as the steroids impact your hormones.

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