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6 shoulder workouts that can be done at home

Shoulder workouts at home

In this busy society, it is difficult for many people to spare time to go to the gym to workouts. Long working hours will make you lazy. So, is there any way to do shoulder workouts at home?

The question now is how you should start shoulder workouts to reach your goals. My suggestion is to warm up first. Warming up is a necessary ritual to start exercising. If you don’t have much time, please do a short warm-up. Just stretch your body and joints. Do a low-intensity aerobic exercise afterward. Warming up can prevent injuries and help you maximize your workout results.

Most people don’t have any training equipment at home but don’t worry. Me, who is also too lazy to go to the gym and likes to train at home, will provide training that can be done easily at home without using a machine.

1.Handstand for shoulder workouts

Handstand can be done in two ways. Either you can do handstands, or you can do handstand push-ups.


 To do handstand push-ups, you need to use walls.
 Put your feet on the wall, then push-ups toward the wall.
 Keep shoulder width between hands.
 Lower your body by bending your elbows.
 After that, pull yourself to the initial position.
 In the construction of the shoulders, handstand holding is also very useful.
 For this, you need to stay away from the wall.
 Make sure all your weight is concentrated on your hands.
 Maintain this position for a period of time.
 After mastering the balance of your hands, you can perform handstands without the help of any walls or supports.

2. Push-ups for shoulder workouts

Push-ups are the most common way to exercise your shoulders with bare hands.

 To exercise your shoulders, push-ups are the best.
 In the downward-incline push-ups, all the center of gravity is transferred to the hands
 To do downward push-ups, you need to put your feet on the steps and enter the push-up position.
 Beginners can put your feet on the first floor of the steps.

Points to note:

 Don’t collapse when doing push-ups.
 Complete enough repetitions.
 To increase the difficulty level, you can increase the height of the steps.

Suggestion: 3 sets of training, 8-12 repetitions for each set.

3. Bent over to see the saw

The torso see-saw exercise also focuses on training the shoulders and arms.


 In the initial posture, enter the plank.
 Move your arms and shoulders forward to the palm of your hand.
 Then return to the position where your arm is 90 degrees to the ground.
 Now, move your arms and shoulders back together with your entire body.
 Move your shoulders and arms again to the initial position.
 Repeat the exercise to a certain number of repetitions.
 Gradually increase the number of repetitions and maintain a flat body position during exercise.

Suggestion: 3 sets of training, 8-12 repetitions for each set.

4. Pull-ups

In addition to training the back muscles, pull-ups are also an ancient traditional exercise used to train shoulders and arms.

 Grab a crossbar and hang.
 Try to move your body upwards until your chin is above the bar.
 Stay for a few moments, then lower your body.
 Perform the required number of repetitions, and you can also include variants.

5. Crab Row

Crab is one of the best
shoulder workouts at home, focusing on hands and legs.


 In the initial position, you need to face up.
 Use your limbs to support your body.
 Lift your butt off the ground.
 Move your right arm backward with your right foot.
 Then move your left arm backward with your left foot.
 Make sure to use your limbs to move your body.
 Do as many repetitions as needed.

Suggestion: 3 sets of training, 8-12 repetitions for each set.

6. Bear Crawl

Bears crawl very much like crabs. It is just an inverted version of the Crab Line.


 To do this exercise, you need to face the ground.
 Support your body with your hands and feet alternately on each side, just like walking normally. (Or there are babies at home who can’t walk, see how they crawl)
 Lift your knees off the ground, then lift your toes.

Points to note:

 Your back should always maintain a straight line from shoulders to hips, and maintain a neutral position throughout the exercise.
 Tighten the core so that the ribs face the hips and the shoulders are fixed.

When you crawl, stay upright. Do not allow the hips, pelvis, ribs or spine to rotate or collapse.

 Keep the perfect shape and control your movements as much as possible. If you feel you are out of the right place, please stop. Incorrectly done bear crawling may leave you with a back injury or shoulder injury.

Suggestion: 3 sets of training, 8-12 repetitions for each set

Regarding the above movements, some friends may ask questions. These movements don’t seem to practice the shoulders. This is because, in our traditional concept, we think that the exercises that can workouts the shoulders belong to the gym and are some exercises that train the shoulders in isolation tabata workout.

Training specific muscles in isolation is generally suitable for bodybuilders or people who have obvious muscle lines and need to sculpt certain muscles.

The exercises introduced by me above are called compound exercises in fitness terms, also called multi-joint exercises, which are more suitable for mass fitness use. These actions are not to train specific muscles in isolation, but try to use the whole body muscles for training to achieve the purpose of improving training efficiency.

Ok, today’s fitness class is over. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please leave a message at any time. I will answer each of your messages one by one.


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