Best Degrees for Becoming A Travel Agent

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Tourism is still reeling from the shocks and disruptions caused by the pandemic. However, many experts believe that the industry will bounce back strongly as it has started to grow at 4% last year. With nearly 54,000 travel agents currently working in the United States, there seem to be lots of opportunities lying in wait.

We have reviewed some of the best degree opportunities for students planning to become travel agents. They offer the best combinations of academic excellence, value, and career prospects. 

  • Degrees in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Degrees in tourism and hospitality management are a great choice for those who are in this business for a long haul. They vary from accounting, hotel operations, and hospitality services to marketing and organizational management. 

Cultural sensitivity is an important factor in the industry, and these degrees help students get used to working with a diverse range of people from different countries and cultures. They are also designed to develop outstanding customer service skills. 

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Most colleges require classwork and approximately 500 hours of internships. You’d need 120 credit hours to earn your degree. Some of the leading universities for your consideration include Florida International University, American Public University, and Washington State University.

  • Degrees in Marketing

Pursuing degrees in marketing are a great way to become a professional in developing effective marketing strategies, customer-oriented branding ideas, and innovative technological solutions. These are all critical aspects of the job of a travel agent.

They are also designed to further your client service skills, your understanding of customer behavior, and decision-making skills. As a student, you will need a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete your studies.

Some of the top marketing programs are offered by these universities: Arizona State University, Bellevue University, University of Minnesota, and Metropolitan State University.

  • Degrees in Business Administration

Business Administration is a discipline that helps students build and expand their grasp of marketing, business operations, human resources, accounting, product management, and financial management. 

Travel agents cannot be successful without mastering these fields, whether they run their own business or if they work as hired employees.

It is incumbent on future travel agents pursuing degrees in business administration to get the most of the tips for students who want to travel to broaden their horizons. Students need to earn a minimum of 120 credit hours. Some schools may ask for evidence of completed research or internships. 

The top universities offering best degrees in business administration include the University of Iowa, Pennsylvania State University, Oregon State University, and Drexel University. 

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  • Degrees in Public Relations

Future travel agents can also consider degrees in public relations. They help acquire critical skills to expand business and attract new customers. They are even more important if you plan to start your own business, as public relations envelop a wide range of areas including products and services, communications, branding, client engagement, and customer relations.

Some of the top universities providing the best degrees in public relations include Franklin University, University of Florida, University of Memphis, and Southern New Hampshire University.

The Bottom Line

As the pandemic starts to retreat, business and employment opportunities for travel agents will inevitably grow at a steady pace. Those who want to build a long-term career in the travel industry need to carefully review the pros and cons of the degrees that are directly related to the industry.

Many universities offer degree programs that will help you attain your educational and career goals as a future travel agent. Make the most of our recommendations and pick one that offers an optimal combination for developing marketing, communication, and customer service skills.

As an experienced tourism and hospitality industry expert, Michael Carr provides valuable insights into the modus operandi of the sector. His advice has proven to be indispensable in planning a travel agent’s career for many students. Michael has contributed his reviews of college degrees to a number of educational websites for students.

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