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Have you ever been involved in a situation where your car or home key got stuck in the lock while trying to lock or unlock it? In such cases, most of us will try to quickly and forcefully pull the key out of the lock. A negative consequence can be that a part of the key may get stuck in the lock itself.

What could be the possible solution to this problem? Obviously, one would be locked out of their car, home or office. But, in order to extract the broken key and to get a spare key, one must contact a professional locksmith agency as soon as possible.

Locksmiths With a Difference

Magnus Sentry Lock employs trained and or experienced professionals who are very much knowledgeable in the extraction of broken keys. This is done with supporting machinery to ensure that the lock does not get damaged in this process. After the broken key is removed, the technician estimates the requirement for a duplicate key from the client. Follow us up on our website to see Magnus Sentry Lock reviews.

24/7 Broken Key Extractor Service

We work round the clock and are just a phone call away from you in Elizabeth, NJ. Whenever you find yourself in emergency situations, just dial our phone number. A skilled technician or a team will be sent to assist you with a broken key extractor service. It is always advised that you don’t mess up your locks by trying amateur methods to extract broken keys. When you have Magnus Sentry Lock by your side, why do you need to do the work yourself anyway?

Broken Key Extractor
Broken Key Extractor

Professional Locksmiths at Your Service

We’ve all broken a key or two in a lock at some time or another. Alternatively, another type of obstruction has been inserted into the lock and is causing you a lot of trouble. If there’s a broken key in the lock or some other object, there’s not much chance of opening the lock. This is where our broken key extractor service comes alive. Our professional locksmiths handle all matters concerning keys broken in the lock. We are highly trained experts who have long heard of experience dealing with issues such as this. You can always count on us to deliver at any time of the day or night.

Our Quality Broken Key Extractors

The major problem with snapping a key in the lock is the springs. They will push the pins down into the key, therefore, preventing it from coming out. To overcome this, you need to push the pins out of the way. Then drag out the obstruction. The tools in our broken key extractor sets do just that. They are designed for all types of locks, wafer, pin, lever, and different sizes of locks, a desk drawer, a cabinet, a front door lock, etc. These kits will make sure you have the best possible chance of removing the obstruction without causing more damage.

Our broken key extractor is perfect for locksmiths working in the field and lock pickers working at their desks. Whether a customer snapped their key or if you’ve snapped a pick in the lock

You Can Count On Us In Elizabeth, NJ

Our broken key extractor is designed to help you achieve your aim of removing your broken keys from the lock. You can contact us to assist you in removing your broken key. Or you reach out to us to get your set of key extractors. Follow us on our website to see Magnus Sentry Lock reviews from our top customers. Reach out to us as quickly as you can.

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