Check Out This List Of Payment Providers That Cover High-Risk Merchants

When opening a business, you need to get prepared for the unexpected. For example, suppose you are an online business selling goods that come in small packages. In that case, your possible losses may be very high due to frequent product cancellations from customers, product damages, or stolen packages. It is where a High-Risk Merchant account provider comes in handy! 

There are many benefits and risks involved with these providers, so it is crucial to learn more about them before deciding whether they’ll work for your company. Find out which providers work best for high risk merchant account instant approval in this article!

About High-Risk Merchant Accounts

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High-risk merchant account providers are financial institutions set up to provide their customers with a high level of convenience. Their services include e-commerce payment processing, credit card risk monitoring, direct deposit, and ACH transactions.

These companies help make online shopping safer for consumers by offering secure payment processing for e-commerce sites, free fraud protection for online merchants, point-of-sale terminals, frequent chargebacks, electronic bill pay, and more. Essentially, the high-risk merchant accounts providers try to help you get your money back by charging fees for every purchase you make with your credit card.

Check Out This List Of Payment Providers That Cover High-Risk Merchants

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The merchant needs to choose a payment provider to accept payments online. Several providers are available, the list of which is available for consumers and merchants at the Merchant Center. Each provider has its benefits, drawbacks, and features; regardless of which one you choose, it is essential always to be aware that no payment provider is entirely safe from fraud or chargebacks. You must pay attention to your credit card statement, use strong passwords and implement further security measures such as two-factor authentication.

However, following, we have mentioned some payment facilitators and service providers from which you can choose. Let’s check them out:

1. Shark Processing

Shark Processing offers processing solutions for merchants who go through high-risk payments. They are an innovative, high-risk payment provider with multiple payment processing solutions available to merchants in the United States and globally. They provide the proper solutions for your industry and accept payments in various forms. 

They handle high-risk credit card processing and high-risk ACH transactions, among other transaction types. They make it quite simple for prospective clients to complete their pre-application and get answers quickly. The pre-application is easy to fill out and takes less than 3 minutes. They make it easy to apply online, so the frustrations of filling out applications after applications get eliminated. And they get back to all merchants with a solution, in most cases the same day.


  • Outstanding customer support.
  • Low credit card processing rates.
  • Access to the best and most trusted banks.
  • Offering domestic and offshore solutions.
  • Multiple payment options.

2. PayPal

PayPal is a merchant account. It offers much more functionality than traditional accounts. It is a convenient way to send and receive payments. It is simple to use and provides various features, making it a popular choice for online shoppers and businesses. It is also a safe, easy and secure way to make payments, which makes it an attractive option for many users. They have more than 400 million active users worldwide,

If you use PayPal for online transactions, you’ll get some critical protections that can save you money. For example, if you’re selling something online and the buyer claims they never received it, PayPal’s Seller Protection policy may cover your loss. This protection is available for eligible transactions in certain countries.


  • A safe & secure payment platform.
  • Accepting payments across platforms like email or even on the go.
  • A smooth and easy checkout for customers.
  • Add a full-featured checkout to your website with a shareable link.
  • Get 24×7 Fraud Prevention.

3. PayOp

PayPal processes payments for many businesses. They do this with assistance from local banks and other payment services. There are also 300+ payment methods from which you can choose. They have a transparent fee system, which lets merchants quickly check their spending without registering. The company has payment processing services for multiple countries across the globe.

They use encryption to provide the utmost protection for your payment data. They are PCI DSS service provider Level 1. Merchants can count on them for their cards’ safe storage and processing. There are no hidden fees. Your transaction will always be successful. They can provide you with custom pricing for large transactions and unique business models.


  • Best-in-class merchant accounts for startups.
  • Power to process multiple currencies.
  • Alternative payment methods.
  • Have modules and plugins for popular CMSs.

How To Choose A High-Risk Merchant?

A high-risk merchant account provider is the right choice for people who want to take a massive risk by purchasing an eCommerce platform that is not very secure. For example, suppose you are someone who will do things like run your eCommerce website and sell low-cost products online while you’re relatively new to the industry. In that case, you should choose a high-risk merchant account provider to protect your business from frequent chargebacks or cancellation of orders.

That said, the approach should be to find a high-risk provider who limits your risk as much as possible. The last thing you wish to do is get into a situation where you’re going over your budget because they charged you too much in fees. So look for providers with a flat rate with no hidden fees or ones that charge only a certain amount per month based on how many transactions you do.

Following are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing a high-risk merchant account provider:

  1. The rating of the provider – Examine their reviews, internet presence & references about them;
  2. The payment terms – Ask them what payment terms they offer;
  3. The level of assistance provided to the merchants – about how much help they provide for the customers and small business owners;
  4. The refund policy – Ask whether the providers have a good refund policy or not; and
  5. How long will you be able to keep your money with them? Do they have any more than a one-year contract?

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Regarding payment processing, there are several options available to high-risk merchants. While each has its own set of pros and cons,  all the above three provide merchant services that could help you streamline your business processes and make it easier to accept payments. While not all providers are appropriate for every business, choosing the right one can make a big difference in terms of security and efficiency. If you want a safe and secure payment provider that will work with your unique needs, explore all available options.

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