Quintessential charms- gold bracelets

Gold bracelets are one of the most beautiful pieces of gold jewellery anyone could own today, and the new trend is to find gold sustainable jewelry. Gold bracelets are more than just a fashion accessory; it is a gorgeous jewellery style that can instantly elevate the charm of your attire! Many also consider it a contemporary alternative to bangles, seen as traditional jewellery pieces. If gold bracelets were never something you considered, then let a charming gold bracelet be on top of your purchase list!

Different types of gold bracelet

There are many varieties of gold bracelets out there that you will have a lot of options to choose from. Some of the most common types of gold bracelets designs are:

  1. Chain bracelet

One of the most popular gold bracelets is the chain bracelet commonly worn among men and women. Chain bracelets come in different designs and sizes, and they vary in thickness. Since it has a very subtle design, it will go great with modern and traditional outfits.

  1. Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets have been around for decades and are always considered one of the most sophisticated jewellery options. Tennis bracelets feature small diamonds studded as an array along the gold surface, but for a change, you could even go for tennis bracelets that feature gemstones.

  1. Cuff gold bracelets

These are little bangle bracelets that do not feature closure or clasps. Cuffs come in various styles and sizes, and the wider the cuff is, the more statement the jewellery will be.

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  1. Pearl and gold bracelets

Add in the silvery-white charm of pearls to your gold, and you will have a very elegant piece of jewellery you cannot resist! 

Tips to buying gold bracelets

Gold & diamond bracelets are a classic option, but before you move into purchasing one, do consider the following tips:

  1. Measure your wrist

It might seem like an obvious first step, but since gold bracelets are supposed to be free-size, many people purchase one without looking at their sizes. Even when you get gold bracelets with adjustable closures, it is best to find your size and purchase gold bracelets that are half to three-fourth inches longer than the size of your wrist.

  1. Determine the gold’s purity

Gold bracelets come in three different purities – 14,18 and 22 karats, and the most popular ones that most people go for are 22 karats. However, when you want to include gemstones and diamonds on the surface, it is better to go for 14 karats and 18 karats gold bracelets.

  1. Set your budget

Setting your budget will help you filter your options and get a better range of collections to choose from. Depending on how free your budget is, you could choose to increase gold’s purity, include gemstones and diamonds, and even increase the complexity of your design.

The reason why gold bracelets are trending is that these can make any ensemble look even more charming! If modern and sophisticated designs are something you look for in jewellery, then definitely move towards gold bracelets!

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