Computer Networks – Some Interesting Facts

Computers have simply taken over the world. All kinds of industries are using computer to increase their automated productivity. Slowly, people have moved away from performing laborious tasks and moved towards performing more cognitive tasks. After all, many of the laborious tasks are now being performed by robots.

One of the most interesting facets of computers is their ability to talk to one another – computer networking. Want to contest the preceding statement? Here’s our response:


  • The ARPANET was invented by the US Department of Defense for militaristic purposes. ARPANET came into being in 1969.
  • When the internet began in 1983, it was widely considered to be the successor to ARPANET as the same people who contributed to ARPANET also got involved in the creation of the internet.


  • The internet quickly grew to become the largest computing network in the world. 
  • 75 million servers are used to control the internet. 
  • Because of the wide usage of the internet, its underwater backbone has become as large as 550,000 miles.
  • Strategy Analytics – a company that researches the global market – predicts that there will be more than 35 billion computing devices, including phones, computers, modems, routers, and switches, connected to the internet. A little context: that is more than a hundred times higher than the entire population of the United States of America!
  • There are many internet service providers that also provide television services. You can opt for both the services through their bundled packages as well. Such as an Xfinity user has the option to choose any of the Xfinity bundle deals, where they can get Xfinity internet and TV services curated at affordable prices. 
  • The total number of internet users in the world has crossed 5 billion. That is approximately two-thirds of the people living on the face of this Earth!
  • The world’s leading search engine company and tech giant, Google, says that there are around 5 million terabytes of data on the Internet. 
  • For the entire internet to run well, 50 million horsepower is required.
  • The internet has become an addiction for many. In fact, the problem has become so bad that the Chinese government has constructed camps for the treatment of internet addicts. 
  • Microsoft has a million servers while Google has nine hundred thousand. 
  • Do you want us to name a group that has not used the internet yet? About 9 million British adults and one-third of Italians!
  • Alphabet, internet giant Google’s parent company, employs approximately 150,000 employees. Note that this figure only includes full-time employees and not the many part-time employees and employees on contracts.
  • If the internet were to disappear:
    • millions would lose their jobs because their employers would not be able to function. Think companies like Facebook and Google whose core functions are based on the internet
    • a lot more paper would be used as all long-distance communication would be done through paper. This may not be good news for the environment.



  • Hundreds of thousands of emails are sent over the internet each second. This number ends up being in the hundreds of billions in a day! Each email is sent using two billion electrons. 
  • Seven out of every ten emails are spam. They are sent for the spread of viruses and in pursuit of other malicious intentions. Alongside, when it comes to malware and internet bots, these kinds of nuisances cause around two-thirds of the entire website traffic.


World Wide Web

  • Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day.
  • The World Wide Web stands as the largest application enabled by any computing network. It was invented, in 1989, by Tim Berners-Lee. Tim was given the title “Sir” after getting knighted by Queen Elizabeth in the year 2004.

Social Media

  • Approximately one billion dollars are spent on online dating in a year.
  • The most popular social media worldwide is Facebook. 2.6 billion people use Facebook actively per month. No wonder, they are able to make so much money without charging a dime from their users. All companies are so ready to pay Facebook for advertising purposes. Of all countries, India has by far the most amount of users with around 350 million people using it actively during each month. 
  • In December 2021, Instagram too was able to cross the milestone of having 2 billion people use the app within a month. India has the greatest number of users when it comes to Instagram as well. The number of users in India crossed 200 million not so long ago. 
  • Instagram and Facebook have the same parent company – Meta. Meta was created by CEO Mark Zuckerberg as recently as last year. Zuckerberg named it Meta to encourage the pursuit of the creation of the metaverse.
  • Social media influencers get paid to post on their profiles. In fact both Christiano Ronaldo and Dwayne The Rock Johnson earn more than 1.5 million dollars for posting just one photo on Instagram!
  • Facebook has a total workforce of more than 60,000 workers.

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