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It all originated in the streets of Harlem in 2013, when a group of multi-talented individuals, including musicians, fashion designers, rappers, and vocalists, came together to share the same fashion and music ideology. ASAP MOB was created, and Vlone clothes, a street fashion company, was launched. ASAP members started wearing it, and it immediately became popular on social media.

Vlone was created by who?

The first thing that clicks immediately to mind when we ask, “Who made Vlone?” is ASAP MOB, a hip-hop group. Amongst several ASAP mob apparel lines, Vlone Store is the most popular. Vlone Fast MOB was founded by Jabari Shelton. ASAP Rocky and Edison were also established by him. ASAP Vlone, according to Bari, is all about cooperation. Everyone contributes, and no one is greater than the other. Bari founded the company, and with the help of Edison Chen, the Vlone apparel line’s designer, he developed it even further. ASAP Rocky, and member of the Asap Mob, contributed to brand visibility by teasing businesses with t-shirts on his tours in 2014.

Vlone’s definition

Vlone isn’t just a name. “Live alone, die alone” is a way of life.

“We are alone if we are born, alone when we live, and alone when we die.” Our friendship and affection are the only things that can make you feel like we’re not alone. “You live lonely, but you die alone,” says Vlone. This lifestyle can be summed up in one line. Vlone is the designers’ idea, as well as their way of life, thinking, and culture. This brand was inspired by Harlem’s freestyle fashion, which is where Rocky and Bari hail from. “What I do is take Harlem and put it somewhere else,” Bari explained.

What does Vlone clothing entail?

ASAP The Elongated V has been imprinted on Bari and Rocky’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. “I am not streetwear,” Bari declares. I’m not a trendsetter. “I do my shutting’ for the hood, bro,” I say in a hood way. ASAP In 2014, Rocky Vlone released a video clip. Until then, their merchandise consisted mostly of hoods and vlone shirts. They introduced streetwear attire to Paris Fashion Week thru a pop-up store. This was a hit with both young people and hip-hop artists. Street fashion grew in popularity as a result of Rocky’s impact. A pop-up shop was also staged in Los Angeles, where limited Vlone merchandise was on display. This attracted skateboarders and other fans of streetwear.

Collaborations between Nike and OFF-WHITE

In 2016, they worked with OFF WHITE, Nike, and other brands. This was a significant step toward their success. Vlone orange and Vlone black jackets, long sleeve pullovers, and track pants with a characteristic orange and black color combination are part of the OFF-WHITE VLONE collection.

Camo stock, Travis Scott Hoodie, and hoodies with the Vlone visible log printed on them, as well as shirts and tees with the orange word “FRIENDS” emblazoned across the front, were all revealed. This performance also saw the debut of Vlone X OFFWHITE.

Vlone, according to the urban dictionary, means “to live and be alone.” The young people who were motivated by the one-thug were represented by this shirt.

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