How to Look Cool and Stylish: A Basic Guide for Men

A new study has revealed that 69% of people form a first impression of you before you even open your mouth to speak! This means your first impression almost always depends on your personal style. For better or for worse, how you present yourself impacts your professional reputation, your dating life, and more moc toe boots men. 

This leaves a lot of men wondering how to look cool. How do you develop a good fashion sense to improve your first impression? Well, wonder no more! 

We’ve put together this quick but complete guide to a few simple changes you can make to step up your wardrobe game. Read on for our top style tips for men! 

Curate Your Collection

Dressing well is an acquired skill and it takes time to hone it. Identify a few people whose styles you like, and mimic them. You don’t have to copy every piece they wear, just take a note of what appeals to you about their style.

Do they rock a chunky fisherman’s sweater with a casual pair of jeans and Hunting Boots? Try to emulate that nautical style. As you learn how to look stylish, your own personal style will develop from your inspirations’.

As you buy pieces, make sure you buy pieces that last. Invest in quality and your pieces will look much more flattering and will last longer. This article gives an overview of some of the best brands to buy for clothes that look good and will have a long lifespan without breaking the bank. 

Staples and Accents

Not every piece has to be a statement piece. Many men make the mistake of having too many eye-catchers in one look. When in doubt, keep it simple and classic.

Most of your outfits should be staples, with only one accent piece. For example, if you’re going for a bold patterned button-up shirt, pair it with simple jeans that fit well, and plain shoes. This allows you to keep a point of visual interest without overwhelming your company. Vlone

The Right Fit

Have you ever bought something that looks great on a model but doesn’t flatter you in the same way? This is because of the transformative power of tailoring! One of the best ways how to dress fashionably is to take advantage of a tailor’s skills.

If your clothes are well-tailored, they’ll become much more flattering and all for a small fee. Tailoring is an affordable way to make your favorite pieces look even better.

Learn How to Carry Yourself

Sometimes, it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. Whatever outfit you choose, wear it with confidence. Keep your posture upright, don’t slouch, don’t slump, and don’t make yourself smaller.

Some studies have been conducted on the effects of power poses. Men who make use of high-power poses have higher testosterone levels, and exude more strength and toughness! 

If you follow all our tips for being cool, you definitely look good. So whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. 

In order to be stylish, there are a couple simple changes you should make. If you follow this guide, you’ll know exactly how to look cool.

These tips will have given you a great starting point for how to look cool. Building your wardrobe just takes a bit of care and practice. Put in the work, and you’ll notice the difference in the first impressions you make!

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