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Nowadays, the trend of video production agencies in Singapore is one of the top professions, because of a large number of benefits. Video benefits can be listed down in a long paper, but still, a lot can be written. So, it is the need of the time, every minute more than 60 thousand hour videos are being uploaded on YouTube. These are used for marketing, promotion and a large number of promotional benefits. Either you can use videos for brand promotion and corporate promotion, but you need a video production agency in singapore. It has a long list of benefits; below are the types of videos that you can use for the corporate sector benefits. It is a bit simple and quite long. You can find your purpose and hire any video production agency in Singapore

Promotional videos

These are the videos that are specifically used for the promotion of the corporate sectors. Corporate sector devices some products and services, they promote them by the use of the promotional videos. Such videos must include the promotional offers, the time frame of the offers, discounts, before and after prices and other promotional related stuff. Videos are a combination of voice and visual animations. Sometimes, the CEO’s and top-line management announce promotions. So, these are good when you are launching new projects and marketing a product among existing customers. 

Intro videos

The main and fundamental reason for the intro video is to introduce your company and organization. Such intros are appealing and grab a large number of pre-launching bookings. Moreover, such an intro helps in building the mind of the customers. When you have an intention to provide the basic knowledge about the project you are going to launch, append through visual effects in an intro video and ask your customers to buy it. Add to this; these are also used for the introduction of the universities, schools, hospitals, NGO’s and any other corporate sector. Intro videos depict the purpose of any organization in 2-3 minutes.

Pricing videos

When you are providing the services to customers, and there are a lot of things involved in them. For this, you can hire a video production agency in Singapore, that would help you in producing pricing videos. In these videos, you can prove that you are charging the right amount against the price. This is like housing schemes; you ask for the booking price and show the future building view. 

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Product specification videos

As the name shows, you are producing these videos to show the specification of the product. Such videos highlight each and every specification of the product and proof that this product is made for you. 

Demo of the products 

Demo and intro videos are mixable, but in intro videos, there is always an introduction of a company or anything. On the other hand, in the demo video, there are products, and you highlight only the major benefits in the form of demos. So, the demo is also used for the exhibition of the corporate sectors. 

Futuristic videos

Scientists claim that they would go to Mars; they can express it through a video. A video can depict and express the future event, forecasting and other things to you. So, these are also used by the corporate sectors to show the future projects, their outcomes and futuristic approach. 

Clients acquisition videos

These are similar to the promotional videos, but these are personalized and target to a single client or groups. So, you can provide custom quotes to them, offer some personal discount and a special offer to someone. So, you can use them for the acquisition of new clients. 

Presentational videos

The incorporate sector, there are always a few videos that present your company and describe company culture. These are known as presentational videos; you can use them during presentations and get the focus of the participants. Moreover, these are also produced for the specific corporate issues that are addressed in the meetings and presentations. 

Storytelling videos

Such videos always tell about the stories, and a sequence is found in them. Company about us videos, its successful journey and another milestone, achieved stories are produced in them. These are like a summary of a film or serial; a hierarchy is found in them. Chronological order if it is about the company inauguration. 

Project videos

When a company is going to launch a new project, they need to hire video production services and teams in Singapore. Such videos are used to show something about the project and help in pre-launching marketing campaigns. 

Missional and vision videos 

Such videos show the mission and vision of the company. Usually, mission videos are made by the CEO messages and follow the core principles of a company. This is used to gain the trust of the customers and your clients.  

Contact us videos 

Such short videos are made to show contact information. This includes the email address, postal address, cell number, FB user name, twitter accounts and map locations. So, these are good for the small business. 

About us videos

Such videos say something about a company, and through this video, people judge your purpose on the earth. 

Social media knowledge sharing videos

These are the small clips that are being shared on eh social media about your milestone achieved and success stories. 

So, you need a stunning video production agency in Singapore, who can complete your dream video and help you in finding a suitable one for you. 


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