How Singers Learn Online

According to studies by Chorus America there are over 45 million adult singers in the US. That makes for more singers than runners. Even non-runners know about the need to train. But most singers don’t receive or have access to training. There is a community belief that a singing voice is something you are born having. Many singers have a negative view of singing lessons, or don’t have the confidence to meet with a vocal coach in person. Some online based voice training companies like daisie who offers online music courses and vocal educators are changing that view.

Dr. Greg Barker, author of top selling book The Ultimate Guide to Singing says, “Singing is an intensely personal and intimate thing to do. Yet singing is something we typically want to share. Through interviews with hundreds of vocalists, singers, coaches, teachers, instructors, engineers, directors, or anyone who works with the singing voice, I found a common thread – everyone does better when they get regular feedback from someone who has experience encouraging singers.”

Choirs are one of the most common organizations that get singers together. Choral singing offers an opportunity to get group feedback on your voice. However, choir directors such as Robert Cooper (Chorus Niagara) and Elise Naccarato have turned to partnerships to help their choir singers get specific feedback on vocal health.

One of the only online services offering multi-instructor asynchronous online private singing lessons, Singdaptive, allows singers to get feedback on their singing in regular video exchanges. “Having the opportunity to work on your singing in your home, privately and at whatever time suites you is making vocal coaching and singing lessons more accessible to singers of all genres.” says Singdaptive co-founder Kathy Alexander.

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Singdaptive offers opportunities to learn to sing, get help with audition prep as well as giving professional development and coaching to vocal educators, teachers, instructors and directors.

The opportunities offered online by pre-recorded video instruction such as 30 Day Singer, or MasterClass often get people interested in singing, but the personal feedback with a friend, mentor or vocal coach is what keeps people singing and improving at singing.

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