How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of all times. This is a festival that has surpassed all the religion, demographic and cultural boundaries. It is celebrated with enthusiasm and gratitude at one’s heart. A Gratitude that they hold for everything which they have received from the Lord Almighty. Christmas unites us in a special bond. As humans, it is highly essential to thank the Lord for all that he has bestowed upon us. Keeping this in mind, every Christmas people gather in huge crowds at church and light candles to take the blessings of Lord Jesus.


Every culture and every region has its way of celebrating this auspicious occasion. While every celebration is as unique as the other one, there still are some nominees in the best ones. There are a lot of traditions associated with this festival, most common being, decorating a Christmas tree with stars, angels and other colourful decorations. Baking Christmas goodies such as Christmas cookies with decorated icings and Christmas cakes online is another such tradition that has fast made its place in most cultures. Similarly, Singing carols and visiting the church is also some of the noteworthy practices that are taken up by many.

Let’s narrow down a few regions or cultures with unique Christmas traditions.



It is celebrated so beautifully that people from all over the globe rush in to see the spectacular celebration of Christmas here. On this day a substantial celebratory meal is prepared by the people, and people don’t have a bite until the first star appears at the beautiful night sky. Every household prepares 12 dishes for dinner. It is believed that each dish represents each disciple of Lord Jesus and that the dishes will bring good luck for all the 12 long months of the coming year.


Spain is another city with beautiful Christmas celebrations. Spanish people have their main celebration dinner at the festival of Christmas before the clock strikes midnight. While the main dish is usually turkey stuffed deliciously with truffles, fish too can be an essential part of this meal. Later, individuals hold lights and play instruments through the roads at the celebration. You can hear the melodies of their songs and their laughter many miles away. It is incredible to see people unite for this festival, keeping away all their differences.



Giant Lantern Festival is one of the main events that take place every Christmas in the Philippines. A total of eleven villages take part in this festival and try to make the largest and the most attractive lantern of all. This festival attracts people from all over the globe to see the beautiful creations of these people. Initially, the lights were essential manifestations around a large portion of a meter in breadth, produced using ‘papel de hapon’ (Japanese origami paper) and were lit by flame.



In the primary seven day stretch of December, youngsters take on the appearance of the Krampus (particularly just before St. Nicholas Day) terrifying youngsters with clacking chains and ringers. A monster like evil presence animal that meanders city roads alarming children and rebuffing the awful ones – no, this isn’t Halloween, however St. Nicholas’ malevolent assistant, Krampus. In Austrian custom, St. Nicholas rewards decent kids, while Krampus is said to catch the naughtiest kids and whisk them away in his sack.



The fundamental focal point of Christmas in Japan lies in spreading joy. Christmas Eve, is viewed as a romantic day for young couples to trade presents and tokens of love as well as appreciation, take a gander at the Christmas lights, and eat a candlelight dinner below the mistletoe; in contrast to numerous nations, the Japanese pick seared chicken as their Christmas supper.



Norway has one of the most uncommon ways of celebrating this festival. On this day people hide their brooms in their houses. It’s a convention that goes back hundreds of years to when individuals accepted that witches and insidious spirits came out on Christmas Eve searching for brushes to ride on. Right up ’til the present time, numerous individuals conceal their brooms in the most secure spot in the house to prevent them from being taken.


So, this Christmas plan a trip with your loved ones and explore the various traditions of this festival. Done feel like travelling? You can always go for online new year cake delivery and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones at the comfort of your homes. Sip that hot chocolate and binge on your favourite Netflix series. This Christmas make the best out of your holidays, make everyone around you happy and blessed for everyone’s well being including that of yours.





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