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How To Add An Electric Fireplace To An RV

Electric fireplaces are not only an almost direct source of radiant heat, they also create a warm atmosphere inside the mobile home. Most equipment on the market does not require ducting or ventilation, and many types of equipment have airbags. It also does not produce particles, moisture, or gas as a by-product of its operation. The electric fireplace has a natural flame effect and remote control dimming function. Modern devices have a fully adjustable built-in thermostat or multiple heating modes, and some even have realistic sound effects with volume control.


  1. The electric fireplace in the RV can enhance the illusion of an ordinary family. Create a place to install an electric fireplace. Determine which side of the existing RV wall is least likely to be overlooked, whether it is a bookcase or magazine rack that is rarely used, a base cabinet for storing things, or the space behind a chair. Many RV owners have changed. An old tube TV with a new wall-mounted flat screen and an old TV cabinet may be an ideal place for an electric fireplace.


  1. Buy an electric fireplace that fits the space provided and only emits heat from the front. Some designs will dissipate heat on the sides and upwards, but this is dangerous in the enclosed area of ​​the RV.


  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install a dedicated outlet that matches the plug supplied with the fireplace cord. Use an 8-gauge or larger three-conductor cord and heavy-duty receptacle set. Route the cord where it will not create a tripping hazard and mount the outlet where the fireplace cord can be plugged in without stressing yourself or crossing foot traffic. If you are replacing a TV cabinet, make sure the meter and the pre-existing supply outlet are sufficient to support the amperage draw of the fireplace.


  1. Connect the live wire of the three-core cable to the switch provided in the control box. Before working in the circuit breaker box, make sure that the ground wire of the motorhome is not connected to the power source. Visually ensure that the generator is not working. The color-coding of the wires in the cable is as follows: black or red connects to the output side of the special circuit breaker, white connects to the neutral bus bar, green or blank connects to the grounding block. When choosing a circuit breaker, follow the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions.



  1. Fix the electric fireplace firmly to the wall of the RV. Although most manufacturers pre-drilled holes in the panel that forms the back of their products to hold the equipment in place, the likelihood of them sitting comfortably on a post in an RV composite wall is the same. The mast, support ring, or rail runs behind the panel at the location of your choice. Transfer these measurements to the back of the fireplace and drill new holes according to the installation point. Make sure that the drill bit is large enough to secure the mounting clip.

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