How to Handle Viewership Botting and Fake Engagement

Identifying fake engagement and view botting is very easy. You will notice that the streamer is gaining a massive amount of views without taking part in the conversation or related to the content of your stream. In addition, you will notice that the number of followers and chat engagement are very large. This is a clear sign that you are being watched by fake engagement and view botters.

Signs of Fake Engagement

When using influencers, be aware of the signs of fake engagement. A low engagement rate is a red flag. However, it should not be the sole factor in determining whether a profile is genuine or not. Sometimes, fraudulent profiles will display a healthy engagement rate through the use of Twitch viewer Bot.

Selling Products

Make sure to research the influencer before engaging them. It is also important to check out their collaborations and relevance with the content you are planning to use. Avoid partnering with influencers who just want to make money by selling products. Rather, choose those who are genuinely interested in your brand and have a loyal following:

  • The first step in preventing fraud is to understand your target audience. 
  • It is easy to assume that an influencer has a large following because their follower count is high. 
  • The problem with this mentality is that marketers often project their own wants and needs onto their audience. 
  • This is a form of cognitive dissonance that prevents brands from exploring the potential of a good influencer.

Terms of Service

Viewership botting is the practice of purchasing fake views and engagement on video sites. The purpose is to increase the number of viewers and thus the earnings of the advertiser. However, the use of viewbots is not only illegal but also against the terms of service of many platforms. The major platforms encourage reporting of such activity and can demonetize a channel. Regardless, it is vital for advertisers to protect themselves from these fraudulent activities.

Numbers & Impressions

Fake views and engagement are damaging to advertisers. Viewbots are malicious bots that are programmed to watch videos and generate fake live views, channel statistics, and channel views. This type of digital fraud hurts both the advertiser and the publisher because it results in inflated numbers and impressions. Moreover, if the problem grows large, advertisers may stop spending money on videos.

Community Guidelines

If you find that your viewers are being bombarded by bot accounts, you may want to take steps to get rid of them. First, you can report the bot users to Twitch. The company will eventually take down any bot accounts that violate their community guidelines. You can also block bots from friending, whispering, and buying gift subs.

The most important thing to do is to report the activity right away. It’s important to remain calm and make sure to report the account to Twitch. If possible, you can also stop your stream during the viewership bot attack. However, you should remember that this method has its pros and cons.


When you notice that your chatroom has a few inactive users, this could mean that you are being targeted by viewbots. You can detect this by looking at the top-right icon of your chatbox. You can compare this number with other users’ to see if there are any patterns. If you see people with fake names, you may be dealing with a viewbot.

Signs of Viewbot Activity

Streamers who are looking to gain more viewers should be cautious with the features they have access to. Certain types of content like hosted content, promotional content, and embedded links may be harmful to a channel. In addition, Twitch advises users to gather evidence before accusing someone else of viewbot activity to avoid causing damage to the streamer’s career. Remember, knowing the signs of viewbot activity does not give you the authority to shut down a channel.

The first thing to do if you’re bombarded by spammers is to ban the offending words or message. The botter may simply try to find another victim. If you’re not sure who to ban, ask a mod for assistance. This will get rid of the bot and restore your viewer count.

Millions of Dollars

Viewbots are a significant problem for advertisers because they artificially inflate engagement metrics. This means that advertisers are losing money because their ads are not being seen. Often, they don’t know that they’re being misled. Without a clear picture of how their campaigns are performing, advertisers could end up wasting millions of dollars.

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Final Words:

In addition to viewbots, there are other types of bots that perform fraudulent activities. Chat impersonation bots, for example, spam the chat section of livestream videos. These bots can impact your ad campaigns, so it’s crucial to know how to get rid of them.

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